An accidental side hustle!

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How one of my python projects is becoming a silent side hustle for me!

About two years ago I had a humongous task in front of me sending certificates to over 10k+ participants digitally. This was never done before, earlier my college use to give physical certificates, but due to financial constraints that year we decided to go digital!

I sat with one of my seniors and discussed this problem, and we thought why not create a python script that will do this for us?
And within minutes we created a script that can simply write text on an image, by this, we automated the task of writing
Next thing we did was create a whole bunch of certificates by using CSV file as an import
We were making 100+ certificates in a minute!!!

Everyone from my team and college was happy we had solved a great thing!
But, I thought of going one step ahead!
Why not send the certificates directly? Why not mail them directly?
Earlier we were planning to send all those certificates manually!! A very tedious process :(

Another couple of days and we were able to send mails using SMTP.
Now we are creating 100+ certificates and at the same time sending them to their recipients

It was pretty impressive 10k+ certificates from created, sent, and delivered within an hour!

The project was widely appreciated in my college and over 1 year we sent over 50,000+ certificates!

I was also paid sometimes for it!

But, again I thought of going one step ahead!
Why not store these certificates on a blockchain? This will also make the certificates verifiable!

And yes now we have started working on it! We are creating a website where you can create, generate, send, and verify certificates. Everything in one place!

Even though we haven't gone public yet there are many parties and groups who are willing to use our product!

By keeping bare minimum fees we can generate good revenue and also reduce a significant amount of carbon footprint caused by using Paper-based certificates!

We hope to release this product within the next 2-3 months!

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