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Quick Hit: {waffle} 1.0 Font Awesome 5 Pictograms and More


The {waffle} package got some đź’™ this week and now has a substantially improved geom_waffle() along with a brand new sibling function geom_pictogram() which has all the powerful new features of geom_waffle() but lets you use Font Awesome 5 brand and solid glyphs to make isotype pictograms.

Click to view slideshow.

A major new feature is that stat_waffle() (which powers both geoms) has an option to auto-compute proportions so you can use a proper 10Ă—10 grid to show parts of a whole without doing any extra work (works in facet contexts, too).

You can look at a preview of the vignettes below or bust the iframes to see waffles and pictograms in action.

Building Waffle Charts

Building Pictograms


You can get the updated {waffle} code at your preferred social coding service (See the list for {waffle} over at CINC.

It needs much tyre kicking, especially the pictogram geom. File issues/PRs wherever you’re comfortable.

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