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Patch me up.

hpollard003 profile image Hunter Pollard ・1 min read

Let's talk about Lilo & stitch, we'll get to code later. First of all did you know lilo is Hawaiian for lost, so the title of most peoples beloved childhood show means lost and put together.

There are 5 main methods to use when dealing with javascripts fetch API's GET, POST, PATCH, PUT & DELETE. But today we are just focusing on the PATCH method. But first what even is a fetch API, since you asked I guess I can give you a brief rundown. Well .fetch() is a JS method that allows us to retrieve data from servers and reconfigure it for our own uses. API's on the other hand are Application Programming Interfaces.

The different method like GET and POST are ways to retrieve and send data to the server. PATCH is not so different it modifies an existing resource not unlike PUT. But PATCH can send back specific changes back to the resource. To go deeper it shares a set of instructions on how the resource should be changed.

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