re: W3C confirms: WebAssembly becomes the fourth language for the Web 🔥 What do you think? VIEW POST


Your numbering system is wonky by including HTML and CSS. Why not XML? Personally I would have said confirmed the second, JavaScript and now wasm which are programming languages vs. markup languages. Cheers.


HTML and CSS both can be run natively in Browser, But not XML. That's why.

But the title "WebAssembly becomes the fourth language for the Web" was written by W3C(not me).


Actually, XML can be natively shown if you use XSLT.


I actually get your point about what you meant. You think HTML and CSS are not languages, right?

If so, then the abbreviation of HTML is Hypertext Markup Language, from that angle it means it's a language 😄


HTML and CSS are languages, just declarative ones.

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