An Attempt to Keep The Spanish Community Updated with The Best and Latest Practices Related to Web Development

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There's a lot of content related to Web Development and Programming around the internet, but there's a problem: the most of it doesn't get translated to other languages.

In Spain, and I guess the same happens in other countries where the mother tongue is not English, every developer will reach the same point in their careers: they must learn English to be able to solve problems and continue growing.

Most of the knowledge in this field is written in English, and experienced developers for sure are able to at least read it. But there's people that are just beginning with their development careers and may get scared if even the most basic stuff for "The Latest Cool Library" is not available in their mother tongue.

When I began my journey, there were a lot of forums with big communities that would have a lot of these questions answered, but now I've tried to search for a couple basic things and most of the content is outdated. That's not good!

It's true that everything has been going way too fast during the last decade, and partly because of that, it's harder for people that doesn't speak English to catch up.

That's why I decided to create a YouTube channel for the Spanish speaking community. I want to provide the latest tips, the best practices and even entire courses that can help people that are just starting. Let's just try to remove another barrier to become a developer!

I don't know how many users of DEV are Spanish speakers but I guess it doesn't hurt to come here and showcase the work I've been doing for the last month!

First, my channel: https://youtube.com/HorusGoul

And here you can find some of my latest videos:


Yes, in 2020 there's a lot of people that still uses VAR, that's why I created this video, it got a lot of good reactions in some of the communities where I shared it!

Data Fetching with React using Hooks

This one surprised me, but it seems that some courses are teaching hooks without properly going through how to use useEffect hook to do Data Fetching, a lot of people appreciated the tips in other communities :)

Deno Launched!

Deno launched last week, so I tried to answer the most common question, (Will Deno compete with Node.js?), alongside offering a good summary of their release announcement post.

It would be great if more people started to share stuff in Spanish around here, maybe a feature to translate posts collaboratively would even work too.

Thank you for reading!

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Horus Lugo


Software development has been my passion for years. I've been always building stuff with the purpose of helping others to learn, build communities or even just for fun.


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En efecto. El contenido en Español es bastante escaso en muchas ocasiones. También ocurre que apenas uno empieza a buscar y encontrar cosas en inglés, las siguientes veces se vuelve a buscar en Inglés. Yo hace rato que no busco temas de mi trabajo en Español.

En todo caso, por las razones que compartes, es que mí blog personal lo mantengo en Español. Incluso, contenido de ese blog lo he traído acá a DEV y en Español.


Creo que una buena opción, aunque implica más trabajo, es que aquellos que hablamos español pensemos en los que empiezan en este mundo de la programación y por tanto, cuando generemos contenido en inglés también hagamos accesible dicho contenido en español.
Aquí en Dev, por ejemplo, un autor puede escribir en inglés su artículo, y posteriormente el mismo artículo en español. Así consigue dos objetivos: difusión y ayudar a los hispanohablantes.


Lo mismo opino, si quieres el contenido más nuevo siempre está en inglés. Los artículos traducidos normalmente son bastante viejos y hay poca motivación de escribir o compartir en español porque se siente que no tiene el mismo "alcance". También estoy haciendo un esfuerzo por compartir más en español :)