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JIRA is killing me. How do you handle it?

Our team uses Jira to manage the project. It is a great tool really, but I feel the user experience is so low.

It takes ages to load the board, if I accidentally click on a longer task description it starts to go into edit mode automatically which again, takes time. It's not obvious how to open a task in full screen etc.

It's just painful to use for me not to mention that its slow which is the opposite you would expect from a software that should boost your productivity.

I am wondering how software aimed to used by developers could be that poor regarding UX. It like the car mechanic has the most broke car :D

Anyway, how do you handle Jira? Is the any app/extension that could boost its performance? I tried the App Store app but I wasn't convinced.

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Francisco Quintero 🇨🇴

I hate it for many reasons including the ones you mentioned. What I try to do when using it is going slow. I try, as much as I can, doing things slow in Jira so that I don't click stuff I didn't mean to.

Other than that, it's just accepting it's the tool the customer/leadership/company chose and try to do my best.

In the meantime, try a different one so that whenever the change arise you can propose it.

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It's loading slowly because of your company/client's servers.
At my previous company we used Jira and the loading times were ok.
At some point, Jira started loading veeeert slowly. About 10 times slower.
It tuned out that the Jira admin had done something to the servers (migration, changed configurations, I don't remember exactly).
Talk to your Jira admins and point out the problem. It would probably also help if you found some public Jira sites (in the past I've seen some public sites that have their Jira public, for transparency) to prove to them that it is possible for Jira to load at decent speeds.

The problem is not Jira, it's your own Jira servers.

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Ryan Latta

Jira has always had performance issues. Now a lot of groups do a great job of making things worse.

If your company is hosting their own, they usually don't spec the servers well enough for the load.

Next, lots of companies will add customizations and scripts behind the scenes which will absolutely cripple Jira as well.

As others said, most of these tools are pretty annoying. Jira can be pretty good when it's set up well.

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You don't handle it. You let it consume you 😔

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Suraj Kamdi • Edited

But still JIRA has great user experience than other tools like Rally, versionOne once you get habbit of it you will love it.. It provides lot of features than any other bug tracking tool

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Tirta Keniten

I heard Jira, but never use it. As I know Jira is task management, similar to asana, trello, wrike,

I use Asana. The load is fast, never slick UI and easy to use.

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Horváth Donát

Yeah, I would love to switch to another alternative but unfortunately, I have to keep using JIRA since it is the clinet's choice of weapon :(

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