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Best tutorial for Vue to Angular switchers?

Hey! I have a little experience in Vue, but now I have to make a small project in Angular with NGRX. Do you have a favorite tutorial dedicated for Vue to Angular switchers or just a cool Angular tutorial that you would recommend to start with?

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Andrei Gatej

Hi! I’ve been in the same situation! Switched to angular and I’m having such a great time learning new stuff about it every day.

I went over the tutorial from their official website to get a basic idea and then I started reading parts of the documentation while trying them myself in a dummy project.

You should also check Angular In Depth, you can find some great content there as well.

Regarding ngrx, I don’t have any recommendation, but I guess the documentation is the first place to start, right? 😅

Good luck with your journey!

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Horváth Donát Author

Thanks for the advice! I wonder what is your opinion about Angular. I just at the beginning but I find the syntax and the file structure a bit more complicated and less straight-forward than Vue. On the other hand, I like that it is more strict about how you can do things. Sometimes less freedom makes things easier, especially at the beginning.

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Andrei Gatej

I love angular and its ecosystem. It indeed seemed a little difficult to grasp at the beginning, but with practice everything will start to make sense. Take your time, in my opinion it is worth it.

I also find the videos from ng-conf on YouTube useful.

The strictness is one of my favorite things about it!

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Sebastián Duque G • Edited

Totally agree! After you get some experience with Angular, I encourage you to take a look at Nativescript (you can build navite cross platform mobile apps with it).

You can also check and