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Nice article, Chris. Thanks.

Gone down the Vue route myself, as it seems easiest to learn out of the big JS frameworks, but with Gridsome.

Netlify is cool, too, especially the automatic build and deploy, and the approachable CMS. Plus the easiest forms ever.

However, when I added my own domain name it slowed down by 0.5 seconds due to redirecting. Possibly my fault? So I moved it to my new Hostinger Account where I got 4 years business hosting for £200.

I’ve had to sacrifice the automatic deployment, but instead I’m able to link up to Cloudflare and use my personal recipe for 0.2 seconds TTFB and 100/100 on PageSpeed Insights.

I followed an Andre Madarang tutorial to include Tailwind with Gridsome, but self-hosted Google fonts to save another 0.5 seconds. (First time I’ve actually saved time self-hosting fonts).

Full site loads in under a second... not bad for shared hosting.


Will be following this guide next. 👌🏽

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