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Discussion on: Pay your rent from open source 💸

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Bryan Winter • Edited on

Free software always meant free as in freedom, not free as in beer.

Luckily, companies big and small are willing to pay 100k+ a year for competent developers who can build an ship products.

But I've always been skeptical of the 'get-lots-of-stars' model. Most people aren't heroes, and there is only so much branding developers can do before the market becomes saturated. There are millions of us, just like there are millions of artists and most people won't pay for most art. Just like there are millions of musicians, but most people won't pay for music.

A focus on the pragmatic, that someone is willing to pay for isn't that bad a gig. There are problems aplenty that need solving. In that sense developers are more engineers than they are artists. Most of us can't finance our well being like artists.

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Liyas Thomas Author

well said 💯