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Discussion on: Of Chickens and Pigs - The Dilemma of Creator Self Promotion

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Sergey Samokhov

BTW, you have an article where you list Solid cons, but where's a list of Solid pros? Where does Solid really shine? E.g., is it better than React with long lists and tables? Text editors? Animation? And so on.

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Ryan Carniato Author

I wrote that article to sort of lead the reader to that the answer to the question is: Everything else. But obviously it is more nuanced.

I've been looking for that hot demo myself. Solid's benefits come from how it combines certain things. So while I'm very happy about DX not sure how to showcase that. I probably could show it in a live coding session how easy it is to create custom behavior in Solid. I think the paradigm behind Solid is the hottest part.

Performance-wise it's more like it avoids typical tradeoffs to be really good in all the places other individual approaches excel at. In many cases Solid even outperforms them but not by enough to make an impact on any one vector. I could show how it is better at nested updates than React or scales better with Components than Svelte. But those are comparisons they make with each other.