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Discussion on: A Look at Compilation in JavaScript Frameworks

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Sergey Samokhov • Edited

That's always a possibity. You can even generate TypeScript types from ReScript. I was also thinking of using ReScript for domain logic and TypeScript for (React) JSX, because TypeScript has less ceremony for conditional rendering. But that scenario is not perfect. For one thing, if ReScript is your language of choice, not being able to use it in your views is not much better than just using templates with a DSL for loops and conditions. No big deal, but I'm already spoiled by the flexitibily of JSX. Also, having to compile (or at least typecheck) both ReScript and TypeScript means maintaining more dependencies. Also, TypeScirpt error messages are kinda meh. Also, context switching. So, all things being equal, I think I'd prefer to use less languages.