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Personally, I've given up on having a tidy-looking GitHub. Since joining, I have published a lot of repositories, and I'm not willing to take the time to curate/archive them all. I've thought about writing a project that would do this curation for me, but that would take time, haha! I've just decided to pin my favorites and call it a day.

For this reason (and because I don't get a lot of contributors), I haven't really published a lot of new stuff to GitHub for a long time - most of my personal projects sit on my disk at home. I have a nice backup setup, so I'm not worried about losing project work, and if I want to work on a project on a different machine I'll either pull and push directly over my home's LAN or VPN, or make a bare repository on my server.


I thought about setting up a local repo on my little odroid SBC - cool to know something similar works for you. It's a project in and of itself but there's something nice about keeping ownership.

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