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re: How many computers do you use? VIEW POST


I have:

1) My main machine - a desktop running Arch Linux. I use this for nearly all of my development and a little gaming.

2) An oldish Thinkpad T420 also running Arch that refuses to die. This thing has had coffee spilled on it and even faceplanted onto the floor of a café once. Thinkpads take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. I bought it for when I didn't have access to my desktop for two years as my main development machine, and it's my go-to device when I'm working at a coffee shop or traveling.

3) A work-issued Macbook. I don't care for macOS, so I only use it when I go into the office.

4) A Pixel XL - I actually rarely use this now. I used to look at it while coffee was brewing, in between Overwatch matches, etc, but I decided to cut that out of my attention diet a few months ago.

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