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I'm writing Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer book

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After finished the blog series Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer, I'm going to write the book with the same name. I'll write daily and publish online at hoangbkit.com.

Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer is an original series where I explain my process and what I've learnt to become a full stack Javascript developer - from motivation to actual building my own product single-handedly.

The Motivation behind this book is all about my journey when I transformed from an iOS developer to a fullstack developer successfully, and hope someone will find this useful on becoming a fullstack developer.

This book is a complete guide on how to Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer which is very ambitious on covering both latest and practical principles, technolgies and examples.

This book is being written by only me over a long time; it keeps changing and evolving. It is filled with images and films as well as texts. By floating online, it can grow a bit every day or so, as new things come along and it can be equally accessible all around the world, at any time, for free.

Just like a regular book, this book is divided into chapters: it’s my way of carving up reality and throwing the emphasis on what matters most. I invite you to navigate around all the parts. And use the extensive indexing of pieces to approach issues from different starting points.

I'd love you to read Become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer regularly, to keep checking in and to browse unfamiliar sections.


(Writing). This chapter covers important computer science subjects like JavaScript language, data structures & algorithms, design patterns, system design, Git version control and how to design RESTful APIs.


(Upcoming). This chapter covers Node.js runtime, Express, Apollo, relational database MySQL, NoSQL database MongoDB, Redis cache, RabbitMQ message broker, authentication using JWT, web socket, search engines and testing using Jest.


(Upcoming). Frontend development has been flooded with insane amount of technologies! The big decision, then, is what to focus on. What are the critical skills you need to master, and what order should you tackle them. This chapter covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and Browser.


(Upcoming). The power of JavaScript has come to mobile world with the rise of React Native, this community is now very mature and competitive compare to native mobile using Swift or Dart. This chapter covers all necessary knowledge to build a complete React Native mobile app.


(Upcoming). DevOps is quite specialized and often managed by DevOps engineers in your team. As a Fullstack Developer, you don’t need to follow the above path for DevOps engineer. Just pick a minimum collection of tools to manage your product initially at a very basic level and improve it over time. This chapter covers Ubuntu server, Nginx web server, CI/CD using CircleCI and Docker containerization.


(Upcoming). This chapter provides you tutorials and examples on how to build a complete product including server, website, mobile and CI/CD pipeline to deploy on a VPS using Docker.

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I'm sure it'll be great 💯

My quick advice from writing an ebook is that if you plan to do too much from the start, you may get overwhelmed. Instead, you may want to plan pretty short sections... I think you'll find that hey expand anyway! But also: do whatever works for you 😉

Good luck!


Can relate to this. As I'm writing my book, even a small initial outline expands to unforseen depth.

That feels organic, and the way things are. But makes prediction hard as usual.


Thanks a lot Chris :) Really appreciate your advice. I'm still planing and not in any rust.


Nice. I would suggest to trim the frontend portion to the bare minimum. There are lots of resources for frontend and people might skip reading the book all together due to the 'react vs vue' discussion. It would be cool if there was a 'build a PWA' as you go along in the book


Really appreciate your suggestion! I would be thinking hard about this :)


All the best writing your book!

When you're done (or nearly so), you may consider pitching it to No Starch Press. They're the publisher for my own upcoming book, "Dead Simple Python", and I can say authoritatively (as a publisher myself) that they are head-and-shoulders above most tech publishers in terms of their attention to quality and detail.


Thank Jason 🥳 really appreciate your suggestion. No Starch Press will definitely be in my list.


Congrats man! Getting started is always the hardest part! I'm writing one myself, hit me up if you want to share some of the experience :)


Thanks man :) good luck with your book!


Looks great, looking forward to read it!


Awesome!! All the best as you write. Can't wait for the release.


Nice! I would certainly read it, thanks for doing this


How can I get a copy of it?
I'm new in coding and have interest in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and python


I have just started writing 😀 stay tuned. it will be available online at my blog


Awesome ( mấy bài của anh viết hay lắm :D )