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re: I think it is disruptive and hostile to doing deep, focused work. It is by design: it is meant to interrupt you from whatever you are doing so th...

That is super brave of you to offer your personal phone number up for work access!


GV (and similar services) are great for retaining control of your phone number. Set your default answer policy to "straight to voicemail" (optionally enabling call-screening), then dump known callers into different groups that you can make rules for (e.g., co-workers can call me any time M-F from 0700-1800 but go straight to voicemail outside that daily; friends can reach me daily from 0600-2300; family has no restrictions).


Not really. My manager already had my personal number for if they needed to reach me, and if my coworkers abused it I could block their number - but I never had to block anyone. Honestly, the whole thing worked out way better than I thought it would. People were respectful of my time, and when someone reached out to me it was usually because they were stuck and needed my help to become unstuck. My policy is to always stop what I'm doing when I'm asked for help, and people were grateful for that. Generally, if you conduct yourself consistently in a respectful manner, people will usually extend you the same courtesy.

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