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hirusi profile image Ru Singh Originally published at rusingh.com on ・1 min read

In reply to https://kevq.uk/wordpress-creator-vs-the-jamstack/:

I'll agree with you on all counts. I (mostly) enjoy my static site at the moment, plus it helps that the whole workflow is free (which is super important to me).

Static sites too can get unwieldy, just like any CMS to be honest, but the level of abstraction is far, far less compared to something like WordPress or Ghost. The control I have is nice today, but what happens when I no longer have the time or inclination to maintain a big puddle of APIs and a bunch of moving parts?

I particularly like Ghost and recently recommended it to a friend. It costs ₹/month to run but my headache is pretty much reduced to backups and upgrades, and the odd unusual feature request which I'd have to write manually. I don't mind.

Another friend is moving to Ghost (to be fair, from something like Medium) as well even though they are technically competent. They'd like to focus on content, not babysitting the setup. And I completely get it!


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