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Discussion on: Let’s talk about Coded Bias

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hildri Author • Edited

I agree, to see those examples in London were a surprise for me as well. Then I started to investigate more and, here in Spain, the police are also using AI-based software. And biases were already such a complicated human feature... without tech. I'm truly worried about how we are going to live in a few years. I don't think I will get to see the world ruled by machines, I just want to be able to know, in a hypothetical scenario, why an algorithm rejected my loan application or why my CV got rejected by an automated HR system.

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Matt Ellen

The section about the teachers being fired by algorithm was mind blowing. Calling it a "value add system" is Orwellian doublespeak if ever I heard it!

It reminds me of the algorthim they recently used in the UK to determine who got into university because students couldn't take exams due to covid. Funnily enough rich kids got in and poor kids did not. Shocker.

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