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Muhammad Hamza Hijazi

A passionate self-taught full stack JavaScript developer.

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BS Computer Science


Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

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React Architecture for Enterprise Application

Sorry to say it's not at all scalable structure. That's ju...

Javascript callback functions are by default Synchronous or Asynchronous ?

Thanks buddy

Tip for React Developers

You didn't get my point. Just export the array with the valu...

Learning React

I will suggest you to give some time to Udemy, Udemy courses ...

Learning React Check this reactjs pla...

Learning React

Brad is a teacher who covers everything related to full stack...

Is the JAM stack the future of web development?

SSG is not recommended where content is dynamic. you should g...

How to start your development career as a Freelance developer ?

I agree with you, actually I am not getting any interview cal...

JavaScript Programming Problem 2

Perfect <3

JavaScript Programming Problem 2

this function is counting all alphabets in string.

JavaScript Programming Problem

it's working correctly <3

Issue with my new job

Thanks for telling me, i was about to share my experience at ...

Issue with my new job

I don't know what he is thinking about me . But they didn't p...

Issue with my new job

The company has a 3 month probation period policy for new joi...

Issue with my new job

Thanks I didn't want to leave my job but unexpected things a...

Issue with my new job

Some issues are related to their own existing project , like ...

How to get a React JS job in 2020 ?

Many companies want to hire a person who is a DevOps engin...

What was your win this week?

Integration of Node Rest API with ReactJS

Top 5 Programming Languages to Get a Software Developer Job at Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

I think you have underestimated the power of JavaScript.

What social links should devs include in their resumes?

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