What's an error message that made you laugh?

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I found this error message on one of my home recording groups on Facebook and literally it made me laugh out loud.

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PgAdmin is so incredibly polite when I get my columns wrong


British developer for sure. My errors are excessively polite. Please thank you, may I? You may.


I've seen a number of other environments that behave like this too. It seems to be becoming more and more common that things will try and give you hints when it's an obvious typo.


There's the old classic:

Keyboard error, press F1 to continue.


Makes a bit more sense when you factor in that many PC BIOS implementations that would spit this out also interpreted things like stuck keys during POST as keyboard errors.


Error: Operation completed successfully.

This may have been a Microsoft product.


I used to write the CMS for a broadcast station that rhymes with Box, here in the US. On their FAQ page, I accidentally pushed some dummy data including the following statement...

"If none of this answers your frequently asked question, just email Seth. He'll probably know the answer."

Some high level VP saw that on the live site and sent out a company wide email asking "who the f*** is Seth?"

Lesson of the day: Don't test dummy data in production.


Please contact your administrator, I am the Administrator!!


No list of silly error messages would be complete without the two classics:



lp0 on fire

long long long is too long for GCC
Couldn't find leader. Committing suicide...

Somewhere in the Mesos / Marathon universe. :D


An Ingres database error from about 25 years ago, which popped up an "Error" box containing the text:

"Error not found" error


"Bad shit just happened"

This was in an old VPN connect software.