Requested runtime (Python 3.7.3) is not available for this stack (heroku-18).

Vicente G. Reyes on May 21, 2019

Im deploying a Django 2.2.1 Project in Heroku but I had this error: -----> Python app detected ! Requested runtime (Python 3.7.3) is not a... [Read Full]
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Have you contacted support? They are not super quick to respond if you're on the free tier.

What does your runtime.txt file contain?


I tried but the page doesnt load😂😂

My runtime.txt contains python-3.7.3


is it "python-3.7.3" or "Python-3.7.3"? Heroku says the name is case sensitive: devcenter.heroku.com/articles/pyth...

The maintenance started at 9:00 EDT and will last 2 hours. This started since this morning(in my time. Its 9:11pm already) haha


any solution? having the same problem but am using flask


Do you mind posting your Procfile? If I'm not mistaken, it should be

web: gunicorn app_name:app --log-file -

Don't forget to replace the name of your app on app_name.

Also don't forget to freeze your requirements

pip freeze > requirements.txt

You can check this video. It teaches you 5 ways to deploy a python web app.


Thanks for your assistance bro. The problem was the requirements were not complete.

I'm glad you were able to solve this. Cheers!

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