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Discussion on: Complete Roadmap to Learn Data Structure and Algorithms 🐱‍🏍👨‍💻👩‍💻

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Hiep Le • Edited on

Hi @suchitra_13 , thank you for taking time to write the article.

I think you should specify clearly about the top common data structures and algorithms which would be used in the real-life projects or would be asked in the coding interview.

From my point of view. I think that 80 / 20 principle takes an important role in the learning process. It means that 80% of the result would be achieved by 20% of effort. For this reason, If we could determine common data structures and algorithms, it would help others solve problems in their real-life projects and crack the coding interviews 😄

In my opinion, we should take care about DSA first before learning any frameworks / libraries. Frameworks / libraries are really important in speeding up the development process. However, if we good at DSA, we could learn any frameworks / libraries very quickly because we are having good mindset and great logical thinking. That's why there are many companies asking about DSA questions in their interviews instead of asking too much questions about frameworks / libraries. We can imagine that we are building a house and we should build a good foundation first before building each floor 😄

On the other hand, I think we should also consider about databases, operating systems, networking and so on. We do not need to have a computer science degree to learn those things. For example, if you are a Windows user or a MacOS user, you could try to use Linux. Beside that, you should learn about RDBMS before learning NoSQL. Nowadays, many tutorials are sharing about NoSQL, Mongo for beginners. The last but not least, understanding some networking concepts would help you a lot in your daily works. By the way of illustration, my friend who did not have knowledge about networking and then he could not find out how to communicate between the docker container and the outside environment, he found some answers from StackOverflow without understanding about what behind the scenes.

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Suchitra Author

Thanks for pointing out!
Also I will try to include thsose things:)