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Discussion on: Ron, The Untouchable, Invincible, No-Good Developer (Conclusion)

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Hibo Abdilaahi

Hmm I have to say I'm totally missing the point of this two-part article and why it was written. It's been tagged as motivation but there's absolutely nothing motivating here and it seems that you just feel personally wronged by what happened and it has led to some grudge(?) on your part. I believe this, even more, considering you kept his name in the article which means I could in theory personally identify him and know who this incompetent developer was (which is unprofessional and unnecessary to me).

I understand this is your blog so you can post what you please and clearly, a lot of energy and time of yours was wasted but it seems like you should have directed your frustrations at the people you worked with who didn't listen to you and deemed you difficult (which also seems to have upset you). You come across as someone who feels personally wronged and character assassinated as a result of this experience and it hasn't left you all these years. There's even a comment from you on the first part of this article talking about how there's a rumour he is launching a start-up on a "laughably-bad premise". Plus the image of "idiot of the year" in that first article and yikes you just come across as rude... regardless of how you were the victim in this situation.

I'm writing this just to let you know how this comes across and how it reflects on your character. I think you should let the emotions you're carrying around this go.

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Thanks for the awesome feedback!!!