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Discussion on: How Did I learn React in 10 months

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Hibo Abdilaahi

It seems so obvious to start with the documentation but that is what I NEVER seem to do and I go straight to tutorials and courses haha. Great article, I've started learning Vue.js this week and this article has made me realise where I'm going wrong. I'll start with the documentation first and implement what I learn. Thanks.

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Adriano Lupossa Author

I'm happy that the article did help you if need some help, you can send me a message 🙏

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I came from the java world and you know the oracle docs. Then some youtube fellows made interest in other language and technologies. Youtube's persuasive design made me stick in youtube and bhoa. I turned into another tutorial follow. Instead of spending few minutes in docs, i wasted hours into videos. Modern docs are quite readable though. Like 70% docs, 25% tutorial, 5% fun. and all mixed together.

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Karan Sharma

Hey man, i am trying to learn java too, but the official Docs sucks. Suggest some resource to learn it. BTW I'm from C/C++ background 😬.