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Discussion on: Please explain why I need software architecture

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Rohit Gupta

I know why, It applies to various reasons and some of them that you asked in your question. These are my two cents.

  • Its a good practice to split your code so that you can isolate the problem if it arises exhibit MVC :
  • When you have domain classes and services separately, you can easily test and diagnose them out if the need arises. Rather than reading the whole chunk of code, you could just simply enter the service file and debug some functions to save time.

  • As the code grows, a situation may arise that you need to deploy multiple systems dedicated to one and only one thing.
    For example background jobs that take a long time to run can be deployed separately and APIs Project can be deployed separately so that both do not eat up resources of each other.

  • While working in teams, Its a good practice to use VCS and the team will be happier if they have to work less on resolve conflicts on others code.

I hope others add their bit too.