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How I make my GitHub Profile Interactive

After commiting changes and editing for continuously four hours, I finally finished my GitHub Profile and... It's looking amazing 🤩 now.

I am not a creative person, but now I can say that I have something to show which I am proud 😎 of too.. Have a look 👇

(Open it in a new a tab ↗ )

I am not alone, I have my curiosity with me !

Hi, I am Nishant . Internet calls me Dr DEV .

heydrdev  heydrdev  heydrdev  heydrdev  gumroad 

  About Me

I am a passionate Open Source Developer, who commits code at night and merges it in day. The only goal of my life is to fulfill my intellectual desire by reading, writing, twitting, teaching and making friends. I have a high interest in Mathematics, Physics, Algorithms, Economics and GeoPolitics.

I love to help others, so you can always reach out to me on Twitter @hyedrdev.


Updating soon..

  My Blogs

I write blogs occasionally, and publish them everywhere . You can find best of them over here .


Updating soon...


Updating soon...

  My Tech Stack


  Honors & awards


  Liked my


Isn't it looking interactive and creative. I know... Don't thank me now 😁.

Image description

What makes my profile interactive ❓

We call some element Interactive on our web page, which can response to our actions. For example

  • Redirecting to another page after clicking the social media icons.
  • Automatically updating latest list of blog on the page

and etc.. Here on my GitHub Profile there are 4 components that makes it interactive.

  1. 🖼 Banner
  2. 🔗 Social media icons with link
  3. 📝 List of my latest blog (which updated automatically)
  4. 🤪 The Living Emoji ❗

Today, In this article I will guide you how can also use such living emoji's in your GitHub Readme profiles/files. So Save this post right now.

How to use Living Emoji ❓

For embedding images markdown allows two ways

  • Using Markdown Syntax
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  • Using HTML Syntax
<img src"image-address.png" align="center"/>
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Here we are using the second method to embed our emojis. But.. Why the second method ?

Using second method GitHub allows us to do modification in the images (our emoji is an image). Like aligning the emoji using align tag. Fixing the size of emoji using height and width tag.

This will help to you to add emoji according to your way.

⚡ Now coming to the main part. I have created a repository ↗ where I have listed emojis that are interactive. These are the emojis that are publicaly made available by Telegram team.

I have made it simple for you, so that you can easily embed these emoji to you GitHub readme profile. All you need to do is to follow the below steps:

STEP 1: Copy and paste the below syntax to your Markdown file

<img src"<emoji-tag>.gif height="30" width="30" align="center" />
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STEP 2: Replace <emoji-tag> with your preffered emoji-tag of choice form the ** below table**.

STEP 3: Paste your profile in the comments to show of to the community 😂


🚨 Attention: Some of the emojis may look big, because it's not rendered properly by the DEV.

🚨 When using in you GitHub profile, you can adjust the size using height and weight tags.

🚀 These just few... for more visit

emoji-tag emoji

🔖 You can save this project and Thank me now 🤣.

🤔 Let me know, what you think about.

🔥 Don't forget to follow me on GitHub @heydrdev. I going to start some really awesome projects so stay tuned 🔔.


Discussion (8)

ajshivali profile image
Shivali Pandey

This is amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!

heydrdev profile image
Dr DEV Author

Thank you Shivani for appreciating my work 😇.

atulcodex profile image
Atul Prajapati

Nice to know you Mr. Doctor

heydrdev profile image
Dr DEV Author

It's my pleasure sir 😇

randwulf_magnus profile image
Randell Knight

This is very nice, Nishant, I mean, Dr Dev. Thanks for sharing your hard work with the rest of us.

heydrdev profile image
Dr DEV Author

I am glad that you liked it Randell.

Thanks again for sharing and tagging me on the Twitter 🤩.

kumarsa58344078 profile image
Kumar Santosh

WoW WoW WoW .........
That looks 🔥 😎
Really Awesome!!!!

heydrdev profile image
Dr DEV Author • Edited on

Thanks Santosh...

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