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Discussion on: What should a developer CV / resume look like?

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Steve Meisner

I've had the same question! I got my first job right out of school just over 10 years ago, and have only moved jobs once since then. I was connected with my current job through some good relationships and conversations so my official CV/resume wasn't as important at the time.

I had explored the job market early this year with intentions of moving on to another job. I ended up staying at my job after some serious interviews and offers from other companies (personal reasons, love of my team, etc).

I did some light research and still being unsure, started on my own take of a CV. It worked very well as I was able to get a couple interviews in part because of it. I'm not sure if it's "good" or "correct" but it's where I landed. If I made it again today I'd probably do it a little differently.

Would love any feedback and I hope it's helpful to you all!

Steve Meisner's resume

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Adam Crockett Author

That's lovely I really like the simplicity. That is the maximum amount of colour I would like but that's just me.