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What do you call your folder where you keep your code?

nocnica profile image Nočnica Fee ・1 min read

On each new PC I make a folder named after some version of the afterlife: 'xibalba,' 'elysium,' 'outerdark.' And that's where I keep all my code. I assume everyone does this? And I'm curious where you keep your code on your own PC.


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That's interesting 😄

Mine is simple ~/projects for all my.. well, projects. And inside are dirs by technology for personal stuff, e.g. python/, react/, etc. And %company_name%/ for full-time job projects.


I use variants of ~/_git/repo_domain/repo_group/repo_name depending on the hosting.
Allows me to quickly browse stuff that is either local, github, gitlab, etc...

Anything related to software tools I keep in ~/work/tools, organised in concept, vendor, tool, version (ie: ide/jetbrains/intellij/20201).

Project related stuff like documents, assets I keep in variants of ~/work/projects/customer_name/initiative/project

Many people place code together with projects, but having separate folders is useful to avoid long paths, and I get a clear ideia of what's transient and versioned or not.


Mine is ~/repo 😁
As a second level I'm using a customer name.
Finally, a project name.
Something like this pattern:


It matches other folder names in ~.


I'm boring/lazy. Mines literally just "Code" and it's a top level directory so I can just cd code and find what I need haha


This makes more sense than the people calling it “github”


Is that a thing people do!?

on here and on Twitter it is, I think, the most common answer


I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive when it comes to organizing my files (either it has be consistent OR I'd leave it completely messy). After trying complex structures, now under the default Mac OS Documents, I just have:

  • _Work --> has subdirectories for Day Job and each paid side project
  • Foo --> all non-paid/personal coding projects go here
  • Bar
  • Baz

Last two directories will be for non-code personal projects but currently they are empty. I recently changed laptop (~3 months ago); my old projects are in my external HDD.


I have a ~/dev where all my projects reside.
Inside I've subfolders for work and personal projects. Work is further divided into client-name folders.

The client-name folder is the home for that particular client and all their projects reside here.

I've resources and notes inside each client-name. resources contains well, any resources (AWS/Azure stuff, any documentation, or any resources) and notes contains timestamped txt file with my thoughts working on the project at the moment. It helps me visit back and see my thoughts few days down the feature/task. I use VSCode project manager so switching between projects/ clients is easy too.


I keep all my projects in ~/code/, breaking down each project into its own directory. I don't have my first customer yet, but when I do I'll have a directory in the code directory called customers and store that data in each customers own directory.

I save creative names for my hostnames. Each host in my network is named after a Norse god.


Mine follows this pattern:




Mostly I use z to jump to correct directory by repo name which is neatly supported by this.


i use this pattern


~/dev/<language>/<project> for local projects,

~/dev/git/<project> for projects on GitHub


Be prepared to be underwhelmed.

I name my folder... dev/ 😀


On my work laptop, it's on a secondary storage drive. So it's like this:


Of course I'm on Windows and need them accessible via stuff like FileZilla and Explorer, otherwise I'd probably have them all in WSL directly. 🤷‍♂️


Echoing love for ~/dev. It's short enough that it's easy to get to my files, though I am liking some of the organizing in this thread. ~/dev is a mix of Github, GitLab, and local on my Mac which is a tad unwieldy, especially when most of those haven't been touched in ages. My current Chromebook's ~/dev at least is pretty clean since it's new.



Then I have a workspace for the projects of my job (i22), one for hobby projects (personal), one for experiments (lab) and one when cloning foreign open source projects (external).


. prefix hides the directory and i set my perms to 'drwx------'. Then I change the user and group to myself and admin. Then i move all of the code to an external and sym link it. I also run a simple node watchdog script that starts in my init.d that notifies me if anyone access the dir or runs an 'ls' etc..

im a paranoid fuCX0r. i no.


I call it Developer, so I get a nice icon :) Developer folder

The internal structure is:


If the project is not part of a company or just for fun, it goes directly to ~/Developer root.


For most projects I stick with the default ~/WebstormProjects, but if it's not created by WebStorm and I don't plan on using WebStorm for the project it goes into ~/code.


I use ~/workspace.
And I usually declare a ws alias which simply does cd ~/workspace.


I call mine Code 👀 I like to keep it simple


Mine is ~/projects. Gotta keep it simple.


I use this pattern:

~/<version control host>/<repo name>

This looks like:



In general, ~/dev, because I'm not generally inclined to use my originality on directory names.


Mine is ~/codes for work projects and ~/exp for personal experiments


~/dev for open source stuff i'm contributing to. ~/mod for personal projects (based on my username). When i'm working for a company i'll make a 3 letter folder for them too (~/mas, ~/amc etc)


I've always gone with ~/projects/


~/repos/<language or framework>/project


Mine is
~/workspace/tutorials/{tutorial name}
~/workspace/project/{python or javascript or vuejs}
~/workspace/tutorials/graphics/{asset name}


Mine is just /dev


it's been ~/dev for some time


I use workspace/ and inside it projects/ works/ and limbo/


Mine is ~/Code, and i usually organize projects by company.



Simple but effective


Mine is just C:\Source, on every PC I'm using.


It depends, if they're CLI apps then they go in ~/bin, if they're websites then whatever the default www root is (/var/www/html on Fedora).


type={React,ReactNative,Flutter,NodeJS,Electron etc}


I do not do anything fancy.
I separated them into two directories Freelance, Git. I name the folders inside them self-explanatory.


Git_repo and then obviously there are sub directories d3,p5 etc 👨‍💻


I call mine BS... :)