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Top OTT platform Providers in 2022

What is OTT?

The term OTT stands for "Over-The-Top". OTT is used to deliver the film and TV content through the Internet, without users subscription to a cable or satellite pay-TV services like Comcast or Time Warner Cable.

What is OTT Platform?

OTT platform refers to the set of applications that allows your taped (VOD/AOD) or live audios or videos to pass across your audience to listen or watch the content through their TV’s.

Here are some OTT Platforms (Apps):

  • Hotstar
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • HBO etc.

Several components are needed to deliver the content you are streaming on your OTT platform. Those are

  • CDN(Content Delivery Network)
  • Online video/audio Player
  • Infrastructure to handle the storage & data requirements, Streaming format
  • DRM (Digital Rights Management) to protect the piracy of your content
  • Monetization Method to make money from your content
  • Analytics Dashboard to learn and consider how your content is performing.

Key Features of OTT Solution Providers:

The report shows that the video streaming market will be worth up to $70.5 billion by 2021. To get a space in that market, you need a powerful OTT solution platforms with the following features:

  • Enhanced security.
  • Powerful CMS for organizing content.
  • Advanced monetization tools.
  • Video APIs.
  • Technical support.
  • Pricing.

Best OTT Service Providers.


Webnexs is one of the leading OTT Platform providers that provides a lot of tailor-made features that guarantee the best screening experience across devices. It is one the best OTT solution providers in India to deliver end-to-end OTT experience from Live streaming and Video on Demand (VOD). It is furnished with high-end technologies like multi-codec support and adaptive bitrate for better viewing experience at lower bandwidths.

Significant features of Webnexs:

  • Fully customizable and white labelled OTT solutions
  • Secure content delivery Network
  • Operate best CDN for rich watching experience
  • Multiple monetization models
  • HLS protocol for sustained viewing experience
  • AES Encryption, DRM & Access control

2. Flicknexs

Flicknexs is a leading SaaS-based video on demand platform that builds up a powerful video streaming platform for both professional and consumer use. It is well known for distributing, managing and publishing video content as it comes up with powerful features such as CDN, Video monetization and analytics dashboard.

Significant features of flicknexs

White label Video Streaming
Video Monetization Methods
Content Management System(CMS)
Multi Bitrate Streaming(MBR)
Content Delivery Networks(CDN) for video delivery
Advanced-Data analytics
HTML 5 Video Player
Security features such as DRM, SSO,etc.,

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of those beginning in video content delivery with smart OTT app solutions. It provides quality viewing experience over devices and robust insights & analytics to develop the platform. It has multiple monetization approaches and clear pricing models. Vimeo has a Easy and user-friendly video streaming interface.

Significant features of Vimeo:

  • Seamless data migration with no downtime
  • Complete control on subscriber data
  • Flexible functionalities with app management
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Monetization plans with global payment processing
  • Real-time insights and analysis of video’s performance

4. Vidmind

Vidmind is one of the OTT solutions designed to make the streaming process simple and straightforward. It is for broadcasters of all levels of expertise. Vidmind also hosts live television content which supports the competitors. It makes for broadcasters who don't want to worry about the technical side of live-streaming and video hosting.

Its characteristics are:
Ad-based and pay-per-view
Advanced paywall with various payment methods plus in-app purchase features.
Video player customization.
Fully loaded video content management.
We design them to offer an extraordinary user experience.

5. JWPlayer

JW Player started as a small part of the open-source code to play audio and video files. This code became the primary video player for YouTube, which used JW Player continuously. Google acquired the platform.
JW Player is best known for HTML5 JW video player for VOD content. This player supports MPEG-DASH playback and other advanced features.
The company also offers JW Live, as a full-service live-streaming provider. JW Live supports HLS live-streaming to FB Live and real-time analytics. It advertises itself as simple-to-use, with a four-step process for beginning a live stream. JW Live is used to design a large budget and extensive business enterprise.

Over-the-Top Application (OTT)

An OTT application provides a product over the Internet and bypass distribution. Services are most typically related to media and communication.
The over-the-top application may stop standard billing models - from telcos or cable or satellite companies. The invention of OTT applications has led to a wide-ranging battle among companies or overlapping services. The traditional ISPs and telcos have to assume challenges linked to third-party firms that offer over-the-top applications. OTT has an aim in the generation of Internet TV, also called IPTV, which is the right combination of videos and television content over the Internet. OTT harms network service providers.
An OTT app presents video content to your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV using the Internet rather than the distribution methods of cable or satellite. These apps allow you to stream the videos you love on your favourite devices directly.

OTT Application Services.

Consulting, development and certification services on any platform
Pay-per-platform at a fixed price, multiple platform discount
Post-release support, fixed rate for support and minor upgrades
Supplementary services, custom analytics, tools, backend & payment integrations

Why OTT apps everywhere?

Content consumers.
They are perfect for VOD business.

Future of OTT in India.

The future of OTT is bright as it allows the user to watch their favourite shows and movies at their convenience.
The growth of OTT platforms has enabled content creators an opportunity to show their work to the audiences. In past days, many creators did not get cinema screens or TV airtime to show their work.
Finally, people want to watch good content on any given medium. So the future of OTT depends on the content strategy of every OTT.

OTT is suitable for low budget and medium budget filmmakers. In the time when theatres are closed, OTT has taken a prominent role among people. Everyone can get movies when released on OTT.

More viewers compared to theatrical audiences. The only problem is, big movies cannot make their budget more profit, as OTT cannot provide to buy them at a considerable price. They also lose theatrical income and sponsorship money. It is a good time for OTTs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of OTT Platform.


1) People able to watch a new movie within a month after the theatrical release would miss watching in the cinema hall.
2) The producers of web series have the rights to release adult content without informing the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification). They ask the producers to cut certain portions of the film as part of safeguarding public goodness.
3) The producers of small budget films who have rejected theatres for display due to other big star cast have the opportunity to reach a vast audience by releasing it on OTT and simultaneously getting back the money.


1) Big Budget movies pass more than 50 crores; getting back the money without releasing on many screens throughout the country and the world is challenging.
2) People cannot enjoy the experience of watching 3D and 4D movies on an OTT platform because most of the people use LED TV screens, laptops and mobile phones to manage them.
3) There are many OTT platforms in India, and everyone can't subscribe to all the OTT platforms, and this will reduce the number of audiences for a particular movie.

Some Improvements that brought in the OTT platform to benefit all the stakeholders:

1) The association of producers in every movie industry of a particular language in India can come together and start a new OTT platform. This platform helps them to get more number of paid subscribers, and people will be relieved from subscribing to many OTT platforms.
2) A Producer can earn money throughout their lifetime if the OTT platform pays for a particular movie based on the number of views. It will also motivate filmmakers to create quality content.
3) The OTT platform can also use unique marketing strategies to avoid copying by the other subscribers to participate in a movie quiz after watching the movie on their platform. Introduction of games based on film can also create interest and popularity among the subscribers.

About OTT Subscription.

OTT is a media streaming service that is offered directly over the Internet bypassing traditional broadcasting formats such as cable TV and satellite TV. OTT subscription has two words OTT and subscription. We have already known about OTT.

The subscription is a business model in which a user plays a price at regular periods for access to a product or a set of products. The subscription business model finds itself in a range of industries and businesses.

OTT subscription is a business model used by so many OTT platforms and broadcasters to monetize their video content. The OTT subscription users enjoy the selected content or category.

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Good set of list for finding the best OTT platform for starting a streaming business. But Its really surprised me to see the list without CONTUS VPlayed. It will be the most prefered OTT platform for most of the business owners.

CONTUS VPlayed is a SaaP-based OTT streaming solution that enables broadcasters, distributors & content owners to launch video & audio streaming platforms to stream video/audio over the web, mobile, and smart TV.

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Hello charlie! Please write more piece of information about your company at will definetely would love to feature your brand next on the top OTT companies list


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Hi Hermoni Versa
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Best blog about Top OTT platform Providers in 2021. Useful content about OTT platform providers.

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