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Top Benefits of Video Ad Management

Advertising Video-on-demand(AVOD) is an advertisement genre streaming in digital screens, which is actually free for viewers but we need to spend time on the ads posted. Ads involve Pre-Ads, Mid-Ads & Post-Ads. It influences the viewers to get recognition about the services and pushing them to contribute.
Webnexs solution excels in the Ad-based monetization process for delivering the best experiences and standardized video content for their viewers. The advertisements are inserted on the platform by,

Platform Owners - Admin themself manage the ads insertion under Admin Panel → Ad-Management

Ad-Managers - Admin schedules the task of ads insertion to Ad-Managers, thereby providing them separate login. Ad-Manages are like sub-admin, assigned especially for Ad-Management service.

Publishers - The corporate or agencies those who need to publish their Ads in the VOD platform have a separate login to manage their own ads. The publishers are provided with detailed reports that help them to have analytics of their Ads.


Push revenue:

Ad-Based videos steer major revenue for every business. Electronic ads are getting a huge pool of money in the current technology. Effective video ad monetization process promises the popularity & income generated in the business.

Supports in Every device:

Evolution of internet technology provides video advertising content to reach netizen's devices. Being free of cost, viewers tend to watch the content at zero cost.

Increase Audience base:

Another benefit is, it maximizes the audience base. It raises revenues based on the enlarging of ad-views. High visibility of ads results in a high turnover of returns.


Set up your Ad server:

Constructing an Ad-server or Network is an essential step to broadcast your advertising videos. It connects the viewers with network communication done by the company. Ad-networks are specialized in delivering various types of content smoothly.

Insert Ads into your Videos:

After building up your servers, you can insert & upload ads into your videos. Many online video platforms are here to publish your ads in a simple way. It grants your videos to be run in any kind of browser/device.

Traces Profits:

At last, You can track and analyze your video ads that meet the profits or not. Also, you can get more information from video analytics that exist in the online video platform(OVP). Collected Information will helpful in

  • Recognize your Top/bottom engaging content
  • Correspond sight with ad revenues
  • Addresses audience with Physical location
  • Examine occasions for launching contents
  • Figure out Usage frequency
  • Identify devices utilized by the audience.

This information can help in providing a business decision, budgeting and making strategic activities to sustain development in this industry.


Creating your Ad based monetization provides the superiority of video ads & promotes your content in publishing your video platform.
Webnexs Solution handles an adequate approach for initiating standardized video advertising and inspect analytics to report your business frequently.

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