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Why we're finally beta

I co-create Offen. A fair web analytics tool.
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We develop a fair and open web analytics software that treats operators and users as equal parties. Our app is called Offen and in the works since the end of 2019. In the last six weeks we have been working on milestone 5 and have stripped the alpha label. That's what we've accomplished.

A11y and security upgrade
Stichting Accessibility has kindly carried out an accessibility audit of our app. We have received a lot of helpful feedback to make Offen a truly accessible and inclusive analytics tool. Furthermore, Radically Open Security carried out an in-depth security audit for us. No major flaws were found, and together we developed some very good ideas on how to make Offen even safer.
All updates are included in the latest version, so make sure to update.

Better licensing
We have adopted REUSE, a standard to make licensing easy for humans and machines alike. A NOTICE file is now automatically generated from our dependency tree to make sure that each dependency is assigned correctly.

Even better testing
More integration tests using the setup from Milestone 4 have been added. Now both users and operators are covered. We hope to deliver less and less regressions with every test added.

Documentation improved
Our move to a beta version is aided by making our application even more accessible to developers and operators. The Offen documentation is now added to our existing open/docs repository. This makes it easier for us to map new features and changes even as they are being developed.

Up next
Episode Six — Packaging and testing will be the last milestone in our current funding round through NGI Zero PET. It will feature more deployment targets and tests as well as setting new targets for the whole Offen project. We'll be right back.

Read the detailed milestone 5 report on our blog.

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