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Why Flutter Is A Game-Changer For Cross-Platform App Development Technology?

Hemendra Singh
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Cross-platform software development is in great demand amongst the current generation. With the advancement of online marketing, sellers are leaving no stone unturned to grab the market. Nowadays, mobile traffic has increased to such a level that it cannot be unattended. IOS and Android are the two leading platforms that are ruling the market; therefore, developing an application that can run seamlessly on both platforms is necessary. It is the main reason why cross-platform development is gaining popularity. Moreover, the cross-platform applications save a considerable amount of time and money, as a single application can work on both platforms, hence gaining customers within a specific investment.

When app developers integrate some different tools, it makes the application run on multiple platforms. For instance, PhoneGap from Adobe, React Native from Facebook, and Xamarin from Microsoft make up an adequate cross-platform. Software developers are continuously and meticulously expanding the knowledge that assists them in developing a high-performing application. As it is essential to optimize the application and increase sales through it, Flutter is being introduced in the mobile application sector. In this article, you will know about the Flutter and its pros and cons for developing a cross-platform application.

Flutter: Description

Like PhoneGap, React Native, and Xamarin, Flutter from Google helps develop iOS, Android, and Google Fuchsia applications. A considerable amount of time is spent on Flutter by the software engineers to improve various parts of engine performance. Besides iOS and Android, Flutter also supports Windows for development applications. With the new development kit, it can back more Firebase APIs. This cross-platform is so advanced that it helps online videos, charts, and ads necessary for the utmost documentation.

Apart from all the above criteria of Flutter, it is also based on the Dart programming language. If you need to see the enhancing stat of Flutter, it is available on GitHub. Due to these features and advanced technology, Flutter is at the forefront of many cross-platforms in the market. Many Application developers uses Flutter to develop an app with loaded features that include geolocation, camera, and network storage. Clients looking for exclusive brand designs and stock performance apps can work with Flutter for the best results. With these high-end features, this cross-platform software has already taken place in the computers of developers.
Now let's discuss the pro and cons of using this cross-platform software.

Pros of Flutter App Development

As Flutter has several advantages in the application development sector, app owners and developers use it to get the utmost experience and results. Here are some of the pros.

Minimal codes

Dart is an object-oriented language through which Flutter is developed and requires minimal codes. It is similar to React Native and has both reactive and declarative programming style. In the current app development technology, time is one of the optimum needs, and an application needs to start-up in a very minimal time. As there is no use of JavaScript Bridge, the app has increased its overall performance and starts within seconds after the click.

Moreover, it uses the AOT compilation (Ahead-of-Time) that makes it super fast, and the JIT compilation (Just-in-Time) that helps to increase the workflow as it allows hot reload. The main purpose of Flutter is to enhance the User Interface or UI, and therefore it does not require any other software or codes to develop an application.

Hot Reload

A hot reload is a feature that helps the app developers to check for the necessary changes or to add a part in an app within seconds. This cross-platform software directly leads the developers to the page to inspect the changes quickly fix the bug. In application development, glitches and bugs are common that makes the app vulnerable and decreases user morality.

Otherwise, developers need to go through each code that takes up a considerable amount of time. However, with Flutter, developers can directly go to the point where the changes are necessary and experiment with the app by adding new features. If it works out, they tend to keep the part or fix it within seconds. A professional team is more than enough to fix the bug and re-use the app.

It also creates a friendly bridge between developers and app designers if there is any need to change the outlay or to out-rule any features that are causing bugs.

Cross-platform Development

There are two main platforms, namely, iOS and Android that are ruling the market. App owners need to target traffic from both platforms. Maintaining two different platforms for one purpose is useless. Therefore cross-platform app developing software is optimum. Developers need to build one codebase that will gel with the two applications. It even supports Fuchsia from Google that can replace Android in mere future.

Now here are some minimal cons of Flutter that developers are facing while working on this cross-platform software.

Cons of Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter is still new in the app development sector, and therefore it has some flaws that developers are working on. Let's find out the barriers:

Only for Mobile

One of the barriers that developers face while developing Flutter applications is that it only supports mobile devices. With the increase in mobile device traffic, app owners target more on them, but the web browsers' traffic must not be left behind.

With Flutter, the mobile application is only possible as it does not support web browsers, whereas there is still considerable traffic in the web browsing portal. A growing business needs to work both on mobile and web browsers equally, but with Flutter, it is not possible, and it can cause drawbacks in enhancing business after a certain level.

Limitation of Libraries

As Flutter is a newer form of cross-platform software for application development, it does not offer all the needed functionalities developers are looking for. Flutter includes limited libraries that make the development of the application incomplete. Simultaneously, the Native apps require SDKs with Twilio, Stripe, and other important streaming services, such as Wowza and UStream. Unlike Native apps, developers need to build these libraries that take a huge amount of time. Therefore it makes Flutter less effective than the Native apps. Developers of Flutter are working on these sectors to makes it one of the best cross-platform software for app development in the market.

No TV Support

Another barrier that developers face with Flutter is that it does not support Apple or Android TV. The framework of Flutter does not have a function that makes the application usable in TVs. Developers are constantly working on these criteria to complete the application run on TV, and therefore it creates a huge obstacle in front of developers. Customers have smart TVs that need to support the modern application on the device, but Flutter is still developing it to makes this feature possible.


These are some of the details you must know about Flutter when developing an application. It depends upon the app owners whether to choose Flutter or cross-platform application development software for their business. But with developers still working on this high-end technology, it is not far when Flutter will support both mobile and web browsers.

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Sailesh Dahal

I don't agree with your point regarding mobile-only support for flutter.

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Yeah, Flutter is expanding on the web and the desktop as well.