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Mobile App Design Fundamentals: User Experience Vs. User Interface

Hemendra Singh
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Mobile app development requires you to make the application user-friendly. The app should not only be smooth and optimized, but it should also be designed in a proper way to meet the visual aesthetics. This is the area that stresses the importance of UI and UX . UX ensures that the application is optimized, and there is no issue while using it.

On the other hand, UX ensures that the application is well designed, has innovative looks, and has a pleasing experience. Thus, both UI and UX play a vital role in determining the success of an application. Furthermore, both UI and UX developers have to work hand in hand to ensure proper synchronization between the application’s visual and performance.

What is User Experience Design

User Experience Design, also known as UX or UXD, is the process to improve user satisfaction by implementing certain technical features such as stability, usability, accessibility in the product. The user can experience all these features while interacting with the application.

The Mobile UX surrounds the user’s perception and feelings while interacting with the application. This experience also involves improving the user’s overall thoughts about the application and the company responsible for its development.
Don Norman was the first person to use the term “User experience.” Furthermore, he was also the first person who proved the importance of creating a user-centered design. In simple terms, he said the creation of the application should focus on the needs and desires of the people who will be using it.

The main task of a UX designer is to focus on the user's feelings about the application. He will use end-user feedback to improve the application and implement necessary changes. The ultimate motive is to make the application user-friendly and straightforward.

Importance of UX design

The UX Design will determine how the users will receive your application. The basic demands are to make the application valuable, easy-to-use, and fulfill their goals. So, while designing the UX, you must ensure that you meet all these goals. Your UX will determine whether the users will return to your application after first-use or delete it altogether, and in worst cases, they might leave a low rating.

Many experts have suggested that the basic concepts of a successful application are features and details. For instance, features will draw the user towards your application, and the elements will help you retain your users.

Creating a great User Experience

The basic concept of making a successful application is to ensure that it benefits the users. It means that the users will spend hours on your application only if they have something to gain. The most common approach is to create a UX that solves issues prevalent in the software industry. So, you must conduct extensive market research to find out the significant problems that you can address in your UX to attract more users.

Furthermore, you can create a prototype at first to test out the response of your users and market validity.

Market research is the first step towards understanding your future users and the market for your application. Extensive research will help you validate your ideas for the UX design, and at the same time, it will also invalidate certain vague concepts that you might possess.

Surrounding your user with beneficial features is a crucial role in UX design. It gives the user a positive vibe about your application and the parent company. Thus, you will be able to create a sense of loyalty within your users for your company.

To put it in simpler terms, if the user realizes that your application can solve issues that he faced in other apps, he will be motivated to continue using your application.
An ultimate UX design meets all the demands of the users and clients and works with the bounds of the technological platform at the same time.

Research your users

The first step of UX development is to research your users and potential competitors. You have to ensure how you will use your UI and UX to solve your users' issues.
The typical process for UX development is as follows:
•Research on the market and make your strategy
•Determine the character and mindset of your possible users
•Create wireframes and start prototyping the UX
•Work in synchronization with the UI developers and designers

In simple terms, UX designing's first step is to find a user issue that you can address in your application. Then you can create a prototype of your UX based on that and transfer it for testing. Once the testing completes, you can validate the usability of your application. Thus, your app is ready to be shared for development.

The next step in the development process is to create the User Interface. This design ensures that the user can successfully navigate through your application with icons, variable colors, etc. For instance, the user can use UI to navigate his way and register himself as a new customer. In most cases, UX development comes before UI development.

Difference between User experience and usability

As we already discussed, UX and usability isn't the same thing. UX determines how the user feels about the application, while usability determines the effectiveness of the interface.
However, we have to agree that usability plays a vital role in the overall UX of the application. For instance, an application can be successful only if it is both pleasant and efficient at the same time.

What is User Interface Design?

Most people often have a misconception that the UI is about the bottom placement and navigation menus. In reality, UI determines the interaction between the user and the application. Merely speaking, UI isn't about how the app looks but about how it works. To create an exemplary user interface, the developer provides the users with the right buttons and navigation options to understand the functioning of the app and accomplish his goal.

Why is UI design Important?

UI designers' primary concern is to uplift the visual aesthetics of the application and ensure that the user enjoys looking at the app. This process creates an emotional link between the user and the developer. However, this link can be negative or positive based on the user's experience while using the app.

Many experts have stated that it is still uncertain what kind of UI design can uplift the UX of the app. For instance, many developers claim that a beautiful UI is essential, while most of the development industry stresses a simplistic UI.

The secret to creating the ultimate User Interface
Since the UX isn't directly visible to the users, the first thing that they will notice is the interface design. Thus, the UI will create a perception within the user about your application.

So, it is the UI designer's job to design a UI that helps create a great user experience so that the user gets a positive idea about the application and your company. UI's fundamental job is to guide the user through the application with the help of visual aids. Let’s take a look at some of the Guidelines to create a great UI:

• Clarity
A great UI's prime motive is to eliminate any form of confusion within the user's mind. The use of explicit language and great visuals is an excellent approach towards this goal. Furthermore, successful mobile apps usually don't have manuals to explain to users how to use them. Thus, you have to create a self-sufficient UI that helps the user navigate through it.

• Familiarity
Users love to see options and buttons that they are familiar with; for instance, a red button to close the app or delete an item. Thus, you can aim to use common signs, colors, and icons to convey a message. Even for first time users, everyone is familiar with certain elements.

The Verdict

You can draw users to your application with a striking design, but they will ultimately stick to your app only if it fulfills their goals. Thus, we can conclude that even if UI and UX designs have different responsibilities, they work together to create an application for the users to bond. So, an ultimate mobile app is the one that solves the user's issue with an optimized UX and creates a pleasant experience with its UI.

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