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My First Interview, As a Junior Developer🎉

hemant profile image Hemant Joshi 😼 ・4 min read

Lately, I heard people talking about Interview and Internship, that interview is a good way to test your skills and let you know where you presently stand, and getting an internship is a good sign for your developer journey.

On July 11, I had a talk to my brother about my skills and works during the night walk, and that was when I decided to apply for internships and get myself tested😼.

Next Day Morning

I woke up and started to edit my online resume in InternShala and here is the look what my resume looks like:

My Resume

I decided to make my resume a bit easy, as this is my first time.

I applied for 20-25 Internship which were related to MERN stack and just after 2 hours I got responded and was told that I am shortlisted and to get Interviewed at 3 PM

Initially was nervous and scared by looking into the Short-Listed peoples, once I thought of skipping the interview and call it a network error, I knew this was the demon(👿) inside me, pushing me back to my comfort zone.

Finally, I decided to face my fear of being judged based on skills and fear of Being in an Interview with a lot of applicants from top colleges.

At 3 PM

We were updated about the medium of Interview, the order of occurring, and the timings.

I was placed at 8th in the list, and told my timing was 4 PM, I sat on my table at 3 and made myself a cup of Tea☕, and was so nervous that I forgot about the Tea, but finally drank it after I got interviewed.

About Internship

The medium selected was Zoom Video Call App, and I was in time(⌛),

Internship It is a startup, and they want to hire a Backend Developer with knowledge of MERN stack.

Was I selected?🤔 The result is not announced now.

What is the Stipend🤔 Stipend is not a green sign for your interest and if you're seeking to learn I would recommend not focus on a stipend.

Here the stipend was 1K to 3K💸 INR(13- 40💲)/ per month.

What is my age I am 18 years old and currently in the 1st Year of my Undergraduate degree.

What happened in the Interview.

I was scheduled for 4 PM, and I made it on time. Initially, I joined and turned my camera off, and decided to keep it closed until I get asked, and there were lakhs of thoughts going on in my head.

The Green Status was that Every Applicant was Interviewed Personally

As my camera was turned off, a popup came with a The host wants you to open your camera, and I suddenly clicked on Open.

The interview begins with and I was scared too, the interview had 2 judges, both were engineers, where I would appreciate both the judges, they were friendly and at the same time calm too...

Firstly I begin by saying Good Afternoon Sir, but my hands were not going fine, and that is what Aksay Sir noticed and told me to calm, and that was when I took a deep breath and begin with the introduction.

After the introduction, Himanshu Sir (the host), asked me to show some of my work, which I am proud of.

My works💬

1.I showed the Mern Stack Built, E-commerce website

2. Then I Showed the live preview of the Deign Event Website

3. Finally, I showed the Twitter-Bot


After the talk related to the works and experience, the other Sir (i don't remember his name), and I, will call him Mr_Sir, then he begins with saying, Ok that is about your work, but what you would prefer as your tech stack, where I commented with MERN stack, and MR_Sir was like ok I am done.

Now the professional talk's were done, then Himanshu sir, asked me What is my age and my college status, I am 18 years old and currently in my first year,
where Himanshu sir, reacted with saying this is really good, in this age, you have a great profile and would love to ask you, will you work for a long term with us?

My answer was YES, and finally, it was the end of the interview, where the final statement was made by Himanshu Sir, Okay we will let you know about the selections shortly.

🎉🎉At the End🎉🎉🎉

It was a really good first-time experience🦄, and really enjoyed it and, lately I a sum-up with what mistakes I made, and how to improve next time.

The Interview Went For 10 Minutes.⌛

🔸Tips to Developers🔸

Never hesitate to be tested, and the interview is the good way to know where you lack,

If you think your skills are not enough to land on an internship, make sure internship, is the way to learn not doing a JOB if you get stuck somewhere, the Team hiring has enough resources for you to solve the problem.

That's all I wanted to share with You all, in case you need any help related resources to prepare, feel free to contact me🎉.

Connection Links☕:
🔸Twitter: https://twitter.com/8bithemant
🔸Github: https://github.com/8bithemant

🔸Make sure to follow me on Github and Twitter.

Thank You;🙏

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This amount that people get in internships in india and even in job, its too disappointing. I wish India just could think of pushing people forward rather than just thinking of ways to exploit the new talent. Also @hemant you have done way much than people hiring interns expect. So, best of luck :) ;) ping us when your result is out.


About the resources to begin with MERN stack Developer

GitHub logo 8bithemant / Mindmap-Full-Stack

This is A roadmap or you can spell it mindmap for Developer's , this is for frontend and Full stack developer , all the people who belive in them and want to grow faster can work with this mindmap.

Mind Map For Full Stack/ Front End Developers In 2020

##Front End MindMap




##Full Stack MindMap


##Full Stack Mind Map.

Back End -Full Stack(image)

Dedicated Front End Mind Map.

  1. Junior Frontend Developer Junior Frontend Developer (image)

  2. Middle Frontend Developer Middle Frontend Developer (image)

  3. Senior Frontend Developer Senior Frontend Developer (image)

This content is distributed under CCA v3 license: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.... (added a note to the original repo).

Frontend From: github.com/ivan-kleshnin/frontend-...

And BAckend from: github.com/kamranahmedse/developer...

This is the mind map for Junior/Middle/Senior Developer's Do star 🌟

and Fork it on github and follow me over there.

How to Prepare,

Here is page I am been following from last 2 Months: do check out their mail subscription helps a lot to develop


Go for random videos on youtube, and try to learn the path not the syntax.

Thank You;❤️


I have been following you for quite some time and I strongly believe that you deserve much more than 3000 INR with your current skillset.

I have seen interns who haven't done 1% of what you have achieved at your age. So trust in your capabilities and have some confidence in yourself.

You should apply at more companies. Just make sure that you are very confident and not nervous. Although it's perfectly fine to be like this in the beginning. But learn from it and evolve. You have a bright future ahead my friend.

All the best!


Thank you Pankaj, that means a lot to me😁,

Also I don't possibly need a Stipend, as I gai. Experience,😁

And a lot thank's To you Pankaj🙏


I rewent with the post, and found you are actually right regarding emoji's, and look I tried emjois first and last time, and made edits to remove most of them.

Thank you Abhi🙏!


A good news I recieved a notification saying I am selected. 😼


Congrats! That's great. Hope you will enjoy what ever you learn and do. It was really inspiring reading your post .


congrats in your internship bro my first and probably my last internship was a mess i didnt get to know programming more just like you so be happy and enjoy every moment


Very inspiring. As a code newbie, I am motivated to keep going. 💯🙌🏽


Good job hemant. Keep growing and you will sieze a good internship


Is there any skill you DIDN'T mention in your resume


Sorry, this was the first time I tried this emoji stuff, cause when I scrolled throught article it looked a bit of formal so I decided to add emoji's and will make sure to use them proprly next time