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re: Not found hemant-blog.netlify.app/articles/3...

Ohh sorry for that issue Zen,

I already mentioned above that the Article page is not ready yet but working on this, and this is a new issue I tacked
Thanks for bringing it to my sight.

Also if you have a way to fix this, feel free to make PR.

Thank you.


What if change URL from site.com/slug to site.com/#/slug? Like my blog mzaini30.js.org/#/install-aplikasi...

I don't know React. But, In Vue Router, I only set mode from history to hash.

Hmm, this would be a good one and will try to integrate GET with slug...

Thanks a lot, ZEN, fixed with requesting from slug and the article issue is hopefully resolved

Wow this is what I was trying from last 2 days and today I motivated to fix that and finally fixed

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