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re: Yes. You can just wrap the whole markdown stat in a link that refers to the original repo like this [![Anurag's github stats](https://github-read...

Okay, this would be all great...

And I am also thinking to make a new About.md, with the links to the Awesome Readme's..

Hey Anurag,

Sorry for the issue, but initially I saw the stats on most of the profile and thought it would a great feature and it too added it but didn't know the origin.

I just updated the Readme with your link over the stats and created a new file with About.md, where one can go and see the original features.


Thank You πŸ™ for your Patience and Awesome GitHub Stats Generator. 😁

No issues mate, its all good, there are lot of people using it without knowing the origin, i was thinking to add a very small text refering to the origin like "Powered by github-readme-stats"

Yup, initially you can add it, and in documentation add a way to hide the bottom or rather than hiding it would be minimized just like the border color and background theme.

This would make everyone once to visit the stats generator official documentation.

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