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My bad days are a bit of adventures. This is how I approach them.

  • Asking myself - Is it really a bad day? - I ask this question to switch my perspective to that of an observer. I recollect how I've been able to cross some worse days in the past. It makes my current problem look relatively small.

  • Zooming out - Bad days to me occur as a result of a problem which, in 80% of the cases, was fairly predictable. It is funny that sometimes I tend to look at them real close rather than looking at them wholistically. I zoom out of the problem and analyse what caused them in the first place. This gives the liberty to think of fresh approaches to achieve the same objective.

  • Looking forward to challenging days - I slowly started preferring challenging days because they demanded action. Usually those actions improve me and I learn something important from them. This shifted my mindset of problem -> challenges -> adventure.

I also believe rest is important to do whatever I wanted to do. I pull an all-nighter only if I do it out of passion & within reasonable capacity. In all other cases, I would not let it affect adversely. I retrospect and allocate time separately.


Thank you for sharing, sounds like very good advice. Still need to work on not feeling guilty I don't study enough on my free time :).

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