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Accessibility Interview questions part 2

hellonehha profile image Neha Sharma ・1 min read

Q1. What are the major screenreaders there are to test?

A: There are a few major screenreaders:

1) MAC OS - Voiceover (best with Safari)
2) Windows - JAWS, Narrator, NVDA,
4) Chromevox - Chrome Browser

Q2. We want to hide content from the screen readers how you will do?

A: There are a few ways through which we can hide the content from the screen readers:

1) Hiding images: aria-hidden="true" and role="presentation".
2) To completely hide from the screen readers use display:none

Q3. Is infinite scrolling accessibility friendly?

A: No, it is not accessible at all. We should have the data loading only on-demand such as on click of the button

Q4. What is the shortcut key to activate and deactivate the screenreader (Voice over) on Mac

A: fn + cmmd + F5 : To toggle the Voiceover

Q5. What are the benefits of having regions or landmarks in your code?

A: VoiceOver users can navigate a page via Aria landmarks by choosing Landmarks in the Rotor.

Such as headings, header, footer, main, etc.

For Mac here is the shortcut key to activate the Rotor:

Control + Alt + U

To Navigate the list of Landmarks:

Left/Right Arrow

To Navigate through the list of Landmarks:

Up/Down Arrow

Happy learning!!


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