Day 8 of #31DaysOfCode

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The past eight days I have been coding in Python and trying to improve my skills. I built two projects so far, wrote a few articles about and made a tutorial on how you can play Spotify songs using Python and the Spotify API.

While I have been making some progress far, I haven't discuss about the struggles and mistakes I made so far. So in this post I will talk about the mistakes and struggles I had while trying to learn Python.


The first error I had was trying to run the Python application in the command prompt. It took me couple of hours I had to change my environment variables and set the path correctly.

The second problem I had was installing the Spotipy library. It gave me an error that it wasn't able to install. After googling for hours and bashing my head on the keyboard, I found out I had an older version of the pip library installed. The solution was in the end fairly simple. Delete the old one and install the newer version of pip. After that I was able to install the Spotipy library.

Lastly, the third struggle I had encountered were small, but sloppy mistakes when learning Python. While the readability of Python is fairly straight-forward, there are small differences compared to other programming languages. For example, in C# you have to use semi colon at the end of the code. Writing the semi colon became a habit of mine when writing code. I had to force myself to try not to write the semi-colon in Python. I think this is just a matter of getting used to the syntax of Python and keep on writing code.

This what I have to share today. Hope you all have a nice day. :)

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