Day 5 of the #31DaysOfCode

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So today is the fifth day of the #31DaysOfCode challenge. I decided to experiment with the Spotipy library.

Mostly I have been reading the documentation of the library and experimenting what you can build with it. You can get do very handy things such as displaying the album cover, getting data of the artist and much more.


Experimenting with this library is really interesting, but I did encounter some problems at first. First I had a problem with installing Spotipy due to installing the pip library on Windows. Turns out you have to use a different command to install pip on Windows and specify you're using Python 3. Dumb mistake on my behalf.

Second, I still have not a clear goal yet what type of application I want to make using this library. I am trying out stuff what worked but I haven't found something yet I am satisfied yet. Hopefully I will be figured it out tomorrow 😅

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I hope you figure it out till tomorrow EOD, Best of luck!