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365 Days of Coding

hellodevworldblog profile image Hello Dev World Blog Originally published at ・1 min read

2020 is FINALLY almost over. Starting tomorrow I am going to do a 365 days of coding challenge. Every day of 2021 I will be solving a dev problem. I will do a blog post on here and hopefully put up a video on YouTube for each one. No promises the videos will get up every day but I will do my best and the blog posts will definitely be up every day. Some of the challenges will be easier than others. Some you will have seen before and some will be new! I hope you enjoy and join me in trying them yourself!

follow me on here, YouTube, and/or Facebook! This will be a fun year! #365DaysOfCoding

I will post the challenge in the morning with the solution later in the day. If you would like to get the challenge emailed to you in the morning subscribe here!

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David Dal Busco

You gonna make it! Good luck 💪

angelomiranda profile image

Nice, looking forward to it! I have been making youtube video as well lately to help out the community grow. I can share if anyone is interested.