Writing really good technical documentation and guides for APIs and SDKs is NOT easy. Any tips out there?

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Any tips or sources on how-to writing really good documentation and guides for external APIs and SDKs?

Here are some resources I've found:

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I'm not as experienced as the resources you listed but I've seen my share of docs. One big recommendation I can make is to take time to write really good examples. There's nothing worse than a full detailed documentation with no examples. The documentation needs to be very pragmatic as well, so keep that in mind in the future!


Well I would suggest you look at the OpenAPI specification you can look at my experience in working with APIs and documentation in my recent article here Diving into OpenAPI


+1 for OpenAPI specification. We use swagger 2.0 UI for developer documentation. With a little bit of finagling, we were able to setup a contunious integration for documents. Any time openapi spec got changed, updated version of the API docs got generated and deployed automatically.

Example public facing api:

Example Swagger-UI where you could try the api directly

Setting up the dev document site is one of the topics in my list to write a detailed article about.

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