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Tasker, React/Redux + Rails API Final Project

View Tasker's Front-End on GitHub
View Tasker's Back-End on GitHub


When I sit down to work, I usually have several tasks that need to get done. An old fashioned to-do list is pretty good, but what I find is that I usually get stuck on one task and at the end of my work time, I haven't accomplished what I needed to get done that day. My husband and I came up with the idea of Tasker as a time management application, where you could input tasks and the amount of time you wanted to spend on each. Tasker would start a timer for each task, and alert you when it was time to move to the next task.

Languages and Tools Used

Ruby, Ruby on Rails API, PostgreSQL, ActiveRecord, HTML, Semantic UI, React, Redux


  • Created a React app using ES6 JavaScript, stateless components, and container components
  • Implemented react-router for RESTful routing; Redux middleware to respond to and modify state change; and fetch requests to send and receive data from the API
  • Utilized Rails API, ActiveRecord, PostgreSQL, and rendered JSON for back-end development

Obstacles Encountered

Thanks to the great Globetrotter walkthrough video series available on Learn, I didn't encounter many obstacles.

The biggest issue I encountered was adapting my idea to something I could build in a short period of time. I was over ambitious in my desire to have users in my project, and that ate a lot of time I could have used to build the core components of the application. Earlier this week I realized that after months of working on the project, I had met all of the project requirements despite not having the ability to add tasks or run a timer (which were kind of the point.) I've decided to turn this project in with the intention of continuing to work on adding those features in the future.

What's Next

  • Adding an approximate start time to the List forms
  • Adding CRUD capabilities to Tasks through the List form
  • Creating a timer for each task based on the assigned amount of time available
  • Adding check points to the List creation/edit forms to make sure the time assigned to tasks is not over or under the total work time.
  • More items can be found in my DevLog for the project.

Thanks for reading.


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Caio Vinicius

Very good!