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re: A simple design process for developers or non-designers πŸ€”πŸŽ¨ VIEW POST

re: Fantastic article, this makes me think that the improbable might be possible - that I might actually be able to "do" some design! Well no sure thin...

Thank you, Leob!

This takes effort, do not demotivate if you don't feel comfortable with your first designs, time will do!

Maybe I try to do some guides or tutorials about Adobe XD, nobody should fear it, it's very simple! Have a nice day and thank you again :)


You're welcome ... just checked Adobe XD, I see that they even have a free version, I thought that only Figma had that ... pricing for Adobe products is definitely better than it used to be back when there was just Photoshop for a whopping 1000 dollar ... looking forward to your Adobe XD article.

I've put a shortcut to this article prominently on my desktop because I REALLY want to start forcing myself now to finally do "design" before jumping into coding!

Yes, Adobe XD is totally free!

Thank you Leob, I'll start thinking about that article, and thank you again for your amazing words!

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