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re: I don't know about luck. But I live in Madrid, started freelance 4 months ago and with the right commercial strategies you can find clients and sta...

You're living in one of the best cities in the world to both work in the IT field and being freelancer as a fullstack. That's what I mean speaking of luck.

I'm not against the point of hiring people or help people finding projects, I'm just against the idea that everyone in the field can afford that.

Again luck has little to do with it because I chose to move there from another city. My clients also majoritarily come from out of Spain.

Anyway, I added you on LinkedIn, if I have some web-dev work to do I will get in touch :) Have a great day, Mikael

You have a really bad idea of luck, and luck is not bad at all. I myself consider I had real great luck my entire career, which along with my talent positioned me exactly where I wanted.

I'm a designer and I also develop, if I can develop what my clients wants, perfect. If not, I must hire a dev to do ir for me, that's totally acceptable, but it's not always something I can do if I can't afford it.

Thank you Mikael, I'll check my LinkedIn, you too have a great day.

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