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A simple design process for developers or non-designers 🤔🎨

Desiré on January 14, 2020

Hello, users! 👋 Today I want to share a design process and some resources with you all, in case you still don't know how to face a big/medium desi... [Read Full]
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Fantastic article, this makes me think that the improbable might be possible - that I might actually be able to "do" some design! Well no sure thing but let's see, definitely gonna try this process.

(probably going for Figma because it's free and Adobe is too complex for me ;-)


Thank you, Leob!

This takes effort, do not demotivate if you don't feel comfortable with your first designs, time will do!

Maybe I try to do some guides or tutorials about Adobe XD, nobody should fear it, it's very simple! Have a nice day and thank you again :)


You're welcome ... just checked Adobe XD, I see that they even have a free version, I thought that only Figma had that ... pricing for Adobe products is definitely better than it used to be back when there was just Photoshop for a whopping 1000 dollar ... looking forward to your Adobe XD article.

I've put a shortcut to this article prominently on my desktop because I REALLY want to start forcing myself now to finally do "design" before jumping into coding!

Yes, Adobe XD is totally free!

Thank you Leob, I'll start thinking about that article, and thank you again for your amazing words!


Personally, I found Adobe XD easier to get to grips with than Figma.


A lovely article, all the way.

I couldn't agree more.

In case you guys ate interested I am running and I send every 2 weeks a newsletter showing how to apply a color palette to a design system.
You can see it here.

This is how it works.

Color Schemes.

The color schemes that we are gonna work on are based on the ones in Colors & Fonts. We are going to take a Design system and apply the chosen color


The color will be presented on a Design System including buttons, forms, inputs, and components.


An image will be provided to download and you will be able to copy to Figma. Also, you get a SASS and JS file with the variables to download from GitHub if you want to implement the colors right away.

I hope the color palettes are worth it for you guys.
reach me out here or twitter
have a great day everyone:- )

It's all free !

Have a good day ans thank you for the wonderful post.


Wonderful initiative, Michael!

It's very interesting, a great work, and thank you for your kind words :)


I can safely say: It's the best post so far I've read on simple, concise and to the point. Very useful! Thanks


Da5atar, thank you really much!

I hope it may come in handy for you in your next project!


I have followed different similar process when working with developers but never had a simple approach I could put in a quick-start yes I'll definitely want to use this :)

I'm so glad to read that!

Happy I could help :)


This is very clear and simple, thanks, personnally am developer, but i work alone most of time and most of the time i struggle to come out with a good UI by myself (even when i use templates); this process will be very useful for me.

thank you


I'm really glad this process can help you with your designs!

In case you're struggling so hard and you'd like also to check some templates created with a very simple and easy to use css framework, maybe Bulma CSS woud be useful for you along with the templates it has.

Thank you for your words Adonis, let's keep coding and designing!


Thank you. Actually this method of using grid while drawing is the most useful for me, the other problem that am having is related to proportions of items on the page (when creating the wireframe for exemple).



This post really help me to focus on the right option.

Saved it 💖


Thank you Carolina, I really hope it was useful to you! 😊


Moltes gràcies! I've always wanted to learn to not be horrible at design. While I realize I'll never become an artist, this should still be very helpful while I try to work out my interface.

Any tips design tips when working with frameworks (e.g. Quasar, Vuetify)?


De res, Patryk! ;)

I'm not familiar either with Quasar and Vuetify, but I am with Bulma css and its version for Vuejs Buefy.

You could always stick to the styles that a framework provides, even though I learned SASS and started adding my own styles to it. There's nothing wrong in making a great "mix"!


Amazing post for beginners like me! Already saved it.


Thanks and thanks for the corrections 💖


Fantastic article, Desiré.

This is by far the the best article on design prototyping i have read and enjoyed thoroughly.

Thank you for taking time to write it.


Hello Shirish,

Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking your time reading the article, I hope it was helpful to you, have a nice day :)


Great post, literally exactly what I'm looking for right now!


So happy you find it useful, Darren!


Awesome!!!This what i need for freelancing project(beside my frontend engineer role in company), thanks A lot! -^


I'm so happy to read that, Ario!

Please feel free to explore my other articles, maybe you'll find more useful information, all the best for you!


Always keep in mind the rule of thumb: Content is King 👑


Wow. That's nicely explained with a great example. Thanks!


Thank you Vaibhav, I'm really glad you liked the article!


Great post, when I was studying, a teacher give us a massive bunch of docs about design, but for me was impossible to understand something, this post has all you need to know.


Thank you for your kind words, Kevin!

I'm happy you found this article useful for you!


Very well explained. Great post, keep it up!

I also noticed a small typo on "usabilidy".



Thank you so much, Ryan, fixed!


Hire a designer :D I know one that does great designs for 450EUR


Sorry I don't get this comment of yours.


Ah just a small joke. If you are a dev I would keep being a dev and hire a designer for the design work. Everybody has to eat ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Mikael, thank you for your joke, let me just point out some things:

➜ Not everyone has money enough to pay a good designer. (And I'm saying "good" for many reasons).
➜ Not every project requires a professional design or designer.
➜ (Are you totally ignoring fullstack devs who also do great designs?)
➜ Everybody has to eat, those who can't afford a designer, are freelancer and must create Pablito's web and not Vogue's web, too.
➜ (Are you ignoring those devs who actually like to design but are too afraid to call themselves a designer?)
➜ By the same rule, let's close Wordpress, Wix, Drupal and Joomla because everyone can use them without "hiring a designer".

Thank you.

You know, that was of course not an attack.

What I am saying is: if you are budgeting a website for a client, make him pay the design, and if you are a good dev, focus on dev and hire a designer. Even one just out of design school. If the client doesn't want to pay for a designer than maybe reconsider clients.

That being said, you can perfectly do some designs/dev yourself if you like it, it just mixes jobs and for large projects it is not suitable.

Who made it an attack? I think your "joke" didn't focused on the actual reality we're living in, so I just tried to point it out.

But I think you're still missing fullstacks who are great designers too, and the fact, again, that you can't just "hire a designer" neither "reconsider clients" if you actually are a small freelancer and willing to eat.

Maybe you're just so lucky, being able to afford big projects with big budgets and being able to hire a designer ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

I don't know about luck. But I live in Madrid, started freelance 4 months ago and with the right commercial strategies you can find clients and start hiring people. And I am fullstack.

So I live the reality you describe everyday.

I defend that people have to pay for what they want, if I need a designer to do a piece of web dev, I will budget it and tell this to my client: "If you want a good web app, you need to make sure you have a great design, or your app is worth not much".

Honestly it also feels good to give work to other people that are also struggling to make a living.

You're living in one of the best cities in the world to both work in the IT field and being freelancer as a fullstack. That's what I mean speaking of luck.

I'm not against the point of hiring people or help people finding projects, I'm just against the idea that everyone in the field can afford that.

Again luck has little to do with it because I chose to move there from another city. My clients also majoritarily come from out of Spain.

Anyway, I added you on LinkedIn, if I have some web-dev work to do I will get in touch :) Have a great day, Mikael

You have a really bad idea of luck, and luck is not bad at all. I myself consider I had real great luck my entire career, which along with my talent positioned me exactly where I wanted.

I'm a designer and I also develop, if I can develop what my clients wants, perfect. If not, I must hire a dev to do ir for me, that's totally acceptable, but it's not always something I can do if I can't afford it.

Thank you Mikael, I'll check my LinkedIn, you too have a great day.

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