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Which game are you playing right now?

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What game are you playing right now? Do you have any favourites from your childhood that you reminisce about?

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Life πŸ˜…

(And Aion)


Same here, I quit playing when it became f2p.

Good choice. F2P ended up being P2W.

I only play on notaion (private pvp server) now


XD, didn't think I'd actually find someone who used to play it

Surprised at the number of people that actually tried out aion. Dis yoh you like it?

I did! I probably overplayed the beta, so when it actually launched I was bored of the initial bits; but I did really like it :) I stopped when my friends slowly stopped playing.


I remember grinding Aion for like 2 or 3 straight years since 3.0 until 4.5 or something. Had lots of fun but eventually the server kinda died and was barely active. πŸ™„


Ah, must have had full endgame gear. What server were you on? Retail servers seemed pretty active pretty consistently

I was playing on Europe, Telemachus back then.

Ye, in 3.x I pretty much had maxed out gear. Everything enchanted to max, combined mana stones. In 4.x I upgraded weapons, accessories.

There wasn't any challenge and playing friends left, there wasn't much PvP competition anymore, the most difficult dungeons became too easy and not challenging. πŸ™‚
So it was time to quit.

Sad ending to a beautiful story. I think it's time I hang my boots too now. Nothing interesting going on


No Man's Sky. I tend to dip in and out of it because I'll get to a point where there's nothing much left to do, so I drift away, then a new update adds something new. I recently started a new game to get the living ship - took me ages, but finally got this beauty:

Living ship


Love this game too ! Too time consuming but so beautiful


Oh wow: I have GOT to get back to that game!


They also recently added a new ground vehicle in the shape of a mech with jet boosters, as well as an add on for freighters that allows you to summon any ground vehicle if your freighter is in the system, making it easy to use them away from your base.


I've been playing the heck out of Borderlands 2. I'm actually going to get to the higher level game play this time. I'm determined. Currently sitting at L30 with Zero.


Wanted to follow up. After this post, I started playing BL2 again as a palate cleaner between games. Played Maya (siren) and enjoyed the character so much that I finished out normal and am working on DLC, currently at level 40. I honestly did not think I would like the character. Now I definitely recommend. Guide here. Watch out for a low level Cat class mod. Found a level 10 common one with +77% SMG damage that I still use at 40. Higher level ones have lower dmg bonus because they increase skill points instead.


WOW, that guide is amazing. I'm going to read through it carefully when I have a chance today. I have a level 23 siren that I put away to play with Gaige for a bit (got her through normal). Then I switched to Zero and that's where I'm at right now. I'm through normal and just about to be done with Dragon Keep (first time actually playing through that all the way).

I really enjoy the Siren game play but I could definitely use a guide because I felt like I was flailing a little bit. What you've recommended for Zero has been spot on. I've also got 245 keys that I used a few of to round out my gear until I started getting a few more legendaries to drop.

Why did you think you wouldn't like the Siren?

I didn't think I would like Siren because on first glance, the action skill only affects one enemy at a time, and boss enemies are immune to portions of the skill. I've seen that play out in other games as a weak overall character. Happily this is not the case for Maya. Her skill trees provide enough other effects to make her very effective with mobs of enemies too.

Such a great game.

Ah, that's interesting. What about her ability tree assuaged your concern about boss fights? It's still not helpful right? Or does controlling adds easily let you focus more DPS on the boss by way of firearms?

Also, do you happen to have a link for a Zero equivalent of that article you posted for Siren? It's amazing.

For normal bosses that can't be phased locked, it deals a lot of damage, which is still useful. And they can usually be killed just by using cover and being careful.

For raid bosses, I don't have much of an answer. Most recommendations are to bring specific characters (usually Salvador) and gear to defeat them solo. For non-recommended chars, the main way I have seen people solo them are based mostly on the gear (usually Grog Nozzle for healing), with a lot of frustrating trial and error. Or using gimmicks like Norfleet + Sham. Salvador can solo most raid bosses with his normal gear. At level 80, some of them take special prep (fire relic + chaotic evil monk mod + Bee + Conference Call for a quick Haderax kill) or gimmicks (infini-shot Fibber for Hyperius). Zero can bore his way through Hyperius in short order. And Voracidous is just frustrating no matter what, I got Interfacer after 2 hard fought kills and never went back.

I don't have a Zero link. My searching mostly turned up skills trees for different kinds of builds. I actually shelved Zero at level 29, before I finished normal. When I do circle back to him, I will give him all the level-appropriate unique/legendaries I found on other characters. That should make it pretty easy for him.

I thought it was kindof a shame that in Normal/TVHM, you usually get quest reward gear or find legendaries after you've already outleveled them. So I came up with a system for keeping outleveled gear for future chars to use. This is a bit of a drag to setup, so I'm not suggesting you should, just detailing what I've done. First I created a new char (that I eventually intend to play for real) and played enough to get them to Sanctuary. Then I put higher level items (e.g. Good Touch from TVHM/UVHM) in the stash for them, which they sell for lots of credits. Those credits are used to feed slot machines, to farm eridium. Then I used the eridium to unlock inventory/bank slots. Whenever I outlevel a unique/legendary, I transfer it to one of those characters via the stash. Specific characters keep specific level ranges. And when I get a duplicate, I sell the lesser one. There are also a lot of them not worth keeping for leveling purposes. Once I start actually playing through a character, I will give them all the items within their level range.


I recently played through BL2 myself. The Handsome Collection is a great deal and has gone on sale frequently of late. Got several characters to TVHM, and 2 into UVHM. Leveled Salvador to 80, but did not pursue the OP levels. Such a great game.


Oh, nice! My wife got me The Handsome Collection so I think I'm golden there. I've heard mention of UVHM but I'm not quite sure what it is or when it happens.

Did you enjoy Salvador more than the other classes? I think that's the only character I've never played because it made me a little queasy being that close to the ground. It might have been the size of my TV at the time though. Will have to try it again. What was your preferred build for leveling?

The game has a progression similar to Diablo if you've ever played that. You play through the story initially in Normal mode (levels 1-30). Completing that unlocks True Vault Hunter Mode or TVHM (levels 30-50). Enemy and dropped gear levels are increased appropriately. Then once you complete the story again in TVHM, it unlocks Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode or UVHM (levels 50-80). The enemies there are locked to always be 2 levels above you no matter your level. Gear is also drastically better. For most enemies, you have to apply slag effect to them before trying to deal damage or you just waste ammo. You can also reset UVHM at any time and play through it again to pick different quest rewards or whatever. Well, it doesn't end there. You can also play the Digistruct Peak challenge to go into Overpower levels. If you see someone say OP5 or OP8 or whatever, that's how many times they completed Digistruct peak. You don't gain any skill points for OP levels, but the enemies and gear do increase (drastically) in power. You can switch between Normal/TVHM/UVHM/OP on the character load screen. The story progression of each mode is tracked separately, but you keep your same gear/level regardless of mode. You might not actually be able to do OP levels now without the Command Lilith DLC.

I started with Zero because I wanted to snipe things. Eventually I discovered that a lot of encounters in the game spawn in waves or proximity that do not give you much opportunity to snipe at a distance. So I next tried Salvador and frankly hated playing him in Normal mode. He doesn't have enough skill points to really lean into Gunzerking until partway through TVHM. Then I played Gaige. She was a lot of fun to play due to Anarchy and Blood Soaked Shields up until close to the end of TVHM. Then I hit a wall with her. I circled back to Salvador and used mostly the Brawn tree until I hit a wall. By then I had enough points to transition into a passable gunzerking build based on this. Salvador did turn out enjoyable but the choice was as much about utility as anything -- he can take on the vast majority of endgame content solo. He does get old considering I used the same weapons throughout most of UVHM (Unkempt Harold + Grog Nozzle). But I switched it up by using the Deputy build for a while.

One thing to note about the game is that it is as much dependent on gear as it is on character builds (to a lesser degree with Krieg). You can have the best build but still die constantly if your gear is under-leveled. Gear lasts for many levels in Normal mode, but in TVHM sometimes a gun 5 levels behind just won't cut it anymore. And in UVHM as few as 2 or 3 levels can make or break you. When you hit a wall, it's probably time to hunt for better gear. I ended up using Golden Keys a bit to fill in the gaps in Normal and TVHM. Also, tipping Moxxi can get you a new fire-based SMG at any time (level of weapon is tied to storyline progress -- will be the same level as Markus's "practice dummy"). I had to use these tactics since Normal/TVHM do not scale enemies to your level. So you can't really farm bosses for higher level items... i.e. Normal mode Knuckle Dragger will always be level 2 or 3 and drop a level 1-4 Hornet, regardless of your character level.

Golden Keys
You have to sign up for a Shift account (can do that in game or on Gearbox website). Then you can apply codes to your account which give you Golden Keys. Each key lets you open the golden chest in Sanctuary once. Every time you open it, you get 2-4 random purple items the same level as your character. On PC, you can basically get unlimited golden keys by backing up your profile.bin found in your save game folder, using as many keys as you want, then restoring your old profile.bin.

Also not all gear variations are good. Most all non-unique ARs are terrible. For snipes, I found the Droog or other high fire rate variants to be the most adaptable between distance and close range. Other weapon variants have their place with different character builds. For example, Gaige benefits a lot from low round count weapons (Jakobs pistols/shotguns) to build up anarchy stacks. And other chars have bonuses for specific weapons like Maya and SMGs. So you just have to make sure to play to your strengths, but also have fun trying different things. It is very cheap to respec your character, so experiment!

I also like a lot of VinylicPuma's videos on BL2 for explanations. Like this one.

This is quite possibly the most awesome reply I've ever gotten on the internets. I signed up for a Shift account and it looks like I just missed some BL2 keys. I can grab the Pre-Sequel keys though.

Glad to help. :) There should be plenty of still-active BL2 codes at the link. I only made it part of the way through the list before I maxed out Golden Keys (255 is cap). I used the gearbox website to apply them as it was easier to copy/paste into than the game itself. Have fun!

OMG yes. I just linked my Xbox Live account and now they're not failing anymore. I think I'm hovering right around the limit so I'll stop copy/pasting. :) When is best to actually use them?

I would save them until you start to hit a wall. For me, that meant dying a lot and getting frustrated. That might be earlier or later for different characters and playstyles and luck of the drops. None of what you get from golden chests will be best in slot (compared to unique/legendary) so it is not a big deal to vendor it. You'll probably have to use several keys at a time before you get something useful. The cap of 255 keys was enough for me to get several chars through Normal and TVHM.

In UVHM, current level gear always drops, so it gets more into having the right prep: a slag method (Slagga or Magic Missiles from Normal were what I used primarily) and the right elements for enemies you face. But you might find odd gear gaps where you still want to use the golden keys.

If nothing else, you can always farm Savage Lee for an Unkempt Harold to get you by. (When you want one for keepsies, probably better to reload until the Torgue DLC vendor has a Double Penetrating prefix. And spend Torgue tokens to buy one. You can farm tokens in Normal mode but spend them in UVHM lol.)

Oh yes, and if you run out of golden keys, you can also try the slot machines to get gear, although it is much slower going. They only provide gear at the level of Sanctuary (same level as training dummy), and it is random (mostly low) quality. If you are short of cash for slot machines, you can tip Moxxi the lower amount until you get Good Touch and just vendor it. Then reload and do it again until you have all the money you want. :) Edit Actually, that might only work in higher modes, where the tip amount is still small, but the weapon sells for a lot.


I play quite a bit of Minecraft on a local server with my 7-year-old. We have played together since he was 3. At about 4 he ripped my hands off the keyboard and did everything himself. At 5 we got a second account and started hosting a server. We never play on the same server for more than 2 days. I find it a bit frustrating that we don't get very far, but he likes it that way. It's also fun that you can wreak havoc sometimes and know that tomorrow will be in a new one.


I'm playing a lot of Minecraft with my 11 year old. And the story is the same. Started off with a single account. Went to two. Added in our own local servers with mods and all. Now we're off to public servers, but rarely play on the same server more then two or three times.

But I still have my own personal survival world that i'm building out to manage my needs to complete objectives. ;-)


Oooh our next step is to figure out how to add mods to our local server. I have looked into it a couple of time, but my son loses patience, and says "Let's just play Dad". We have hosted on Digital Ocean a few times to play with family. That is super fun.

I spent a lot of time understanding the Minecraft mod world. There are multiple factions in the mod game and not all can be mixed. Maybe I should buckle down and write a multi-part post on setting up a modified Minecraft server.

What i've found very enjoyable to do outside of moding my Minecraft server or local instance is to start new worlds based on a seed or two. There are a lots of great seed starting points. available

Quick list: pcgamer.com/best-minecraft-seeds/


Beat Saber. The best game if you want to sweat. Since I have a VR set, it's difficult for me to go back to 'regular' games.


Love beat saber (from all the videos I've seen at least)

Is it accurate to say it can be a substitute for "normal" workouts?


Whether it is a substitute for 'normal' workout is a subjective thing that others can decide for themselves. However, if you play it at a difficult level for 30 minutes you will definitely sweat. Another favourite game is Pistol Whip. Much more intense than Beat Saber imo.

Definitely getting these soon. Thanks for the response!


Age of Mythology and W40k Dawn Of War - Soulstorm with Ultimate Apocalypse Mod.

I would like to play Chip's challenge again I guess.


Oooh, I love these threads. Thanks, Helen.

Right now, I'm playing Hades on Steam. It's an Early Access game but it's extremely polished and it's so much fun! I love it! Before that, I finished Children of Morta and Control, which were also great. There are so many good games right now. When it comes to multiplayer, I'm still playing Apex Legends and Warzone. Gotta love a bit of Battle Royale with friends.

As for childhood games, I often look back fondly to my Mega Drive and Amiga days. Ecco the Dolphin, Road Rash, Final Fight, etc. The newly-released Streets of Rage 4 helped bring back the feeling of the side-scrolling brawler, which has been fun.

Hope you're all playing some fun games and staying safe!


I'm with Dragon Quest XI and a lot of Beat Saber. DQXI is a good game for good old RPG turn system battle.


I've been preparing for the release of Phantasy Star Online 2 on PC (FINALLY) by nostalgia binging the original PSO with some friends (remotely, of course). Apparently, there's still a fairly active server.

This sent me on an RPG kick, so now I'm playing Diablo 3 with a friend.

That said, normally I'd be playing Overwatch.


I'm deep into aRPGs. After a stressful day at work, I like to come home plug in either my PS4 or boot the PC and fire a game like Path of Exile, Diablo, Grim Dawn or alike.

Most of the days I spend more time doing theorycrafting while trying to create an awesome build for my character instead of just playing the game. But there's some sort of perverse satisfaction when I manage to either come up with new and working build or when I manage to improve an existing one by squishing 1% damage increase juice from somewhere.


Animal Crossing (obviously) as well as Dark Souls 1.


I'm currently between games. But VirtuaVerse just came out, so that's what I'll be playing pretty soon.

As for childhood games I want to reminisce about... maybe one quite a bit later in my life, one from 19 years ago: Anachronox. It's one of my all time favorite games and every year I wish Tom Hall and the rest of the team are able to either remake the first one and/or create the sequel to tie up the story.
Anachronox has a lot going for it: an interesting and interactive world, story, and characters; witty writing. JRPG action is not my favorite gameplay style, but Tom&Team even made that fun.

And of course Tom had to post this yesterday:

But if I really have to go back all the way to childhood, then it's obviously Little Big Adventure. Again a game with an interesting, mysterious, and interactive world that you could explore. I really enjoy games where exploring and taking in the world is part of the game rather than merely being a set piece. So games like Unreal, all of BethSoft's RPGs (except for Oblivion), ... are really my thing.


Shadow of the Tomb (PS4), Earthlock (Switch), and Bravely Second (3DS) are on my current rotation.

As for older games, I tend to play them rather than reminisce about them. πŸ˜„ I still regularly play old NES and SNES games - Adventures of Lolo, any of the Mario games, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy (especially 4 and 6), Dragon Quest, etc.


I have negotiated, backstabbed, sandbagged, and double-crossed my way into an immense if not insurmountable lead in a months-long game of Dominions 5, and the surviving players are all about ready to smash our armies into each other and shake hands instead of seeing it through to the bitter end.

(all the skulduggery is expected! Dominions is like a hyper-detailed mythological Diplomacy)


I've been stuck on the Elder Scrolls series. I lightly modded Skyrim SE and have been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Online. DOOM Eternal is fun. Also, West of Loathing, that one is really fun but requires a lot of reading and RPG knowledge.


I am on the edge of my seat waiting for Satisfactory to come to Steam.

I just put down X3: Terran Conflict after finally completing all achievements. About to start up X3: Albion Prelude. Those games have terrible UX but are so deep and fulfilling once you learn to navigate the UI. Space graphics are good, especially for the era. I'm waiting to play the latest X4 until they start the next game in the series... then I will know that they are actually done with X4.


I picked up Project Highrise when it was on sale but it's not really keeping my attention.

Before that, Oxygen Not Included.

Civilization and Stellaris are my mainstays. I saw a video of Old World and it looks like something I'll pick up when it comes out.


Fallout 76, Saints Row IV (this time on Switch), and Animal Crossing

This is currently my Teams background: twitter.com/animalcrossing/status/...

Isabelle's office


I've been watching the Michael Jordan documentary "The Last Dance" on Netflix so had a blast at NBA Jam Tournament Edition on Retropie. Good old fashioned arcade fun for the whole family.


Please don't judge me too harshly but... I'm playing a LOT of Animal Crossing these days. :-)

I look back fondly on Commander Keen (OOOOLD game) and Final Fantasy VII.


The best Elder Scrolls game imo.


starcraft remastered. En Taro Adun!


Hades. An amazing hack and slash, roguelike, greek ancient based game


Final Fantasy XIV ✊🏻


I've been playing a lot of Valorant! Really enjoying it!


Call of duty mobile


have you played Tom Clancy's the division 2?


Divinity Original Sin 2 and Luigi's Mansion 3.


Guess... \[T]/


Snowrunner, Katana Zero, Bad North


I'm playing Almost A Hero on Android. It's a simple Idle RPG.


join me in Fortnite someday


Championship Manager 01-02. On Nes simulator Flistones,Mario,Tank. Age of Empires 2 Conquerors Edition


I've not been gaming too much recently, but I did pop on Assassin's Creed Odyssey over the weekend. It's fun!


Final Fantasy VII Remake


Warzone, all day. Erryday!


Ironsight each night before sleeping and I will go for Zelda Majora Mask on N64 for an old game.


Call of duty : warzone


Finding a circular dependence in project which I never seen before.
And Red dead redemption 2 on my ps4.


I'm almost getting all achievements for Trials of Mana. After that I'll start playing Dragon Quest XI. Plus, because of GTA V going free today, gonna play with my friends from work.


Streets of Rage 4 and FF7 Remake!