What's your Wifi's name?

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Happy Friday!

If you live in a big city or even work in one, you've probably seen some interesting wifi names in your time when you connect.

  • CrappyModem101
  • Tell your wifi love her?
  • The Internet
  • Click here for internet Mum

Tell me the funniest ones you've seen!

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Martin Router King

[EDIT June 2019] Currently is "HouseLANnister"


This is my phone tethering's name, I have a 4G box using my phone's data plan, called Martin Router King Jr.

I have the family at home.


Pretty fly for a wifi is such a classic. I haven’t seen Nacho wifi in my building but I like it :)


Haha must be fun giving that out when friends come over :D


Luckily it isn't my own just one I have seen! May have to change it now though... 😂


This reminds me of continues running joke in Big Bang Theory.

Wi-Fi Passwords


All passwords are courtesy of sheldon cooper


Haha 😂 love it

Can wifi names even be that long in the real world?


oh yes, i have seen it. one particular was


I guess they wanted to let every one know, to whom this wifi belongs to 😂😂

Another example is with mobile devices hotpots.People don't bother to change it and you get something gibberish like,


Logging in on a train once I saw EVERYONE on their laptops tethering to their phones. All had some variation of ‘firstnames iPhone’ in the list of available public connections

That's why I gave my phone the name "☎️". It's quick to spot in a big list of networks.

When I'm travelling on the train, I'll occasionally hear a whispered conversation about my phone's hotspot name: No gods, no masters. :P

Now that's brilliant. Might need to update my router with some emoji... Imagine looking at WiFi networks nearby and seeing:

Google Starbucks


Saw this joke somewhere.
Guy walks into a bar sits down and asks the bartender for the WiFi password.
Bartenders says “you have to buy a drink first.”
Guy is a bit flustered but buys a jack and coke.
Guy says “ok now what’s the WiFi password”
Bartender: “youhavetobuyadrinkfirst all one word all lowercase”


Not mine but a friend of a friends had their wifi named "Olive Garden". They wanted to confuse their neighbors into thinking there was an Olive Garden nearby 😂

I also appreciate an unknown neighbor who's named theirs "NotYourWifi". Helps narrow down the options :P


Currently my home has two named networks. Confidence and Paranoia.

Confidence is the newer 5GHz one, Paranoia sticks around for older devices.

My first WiFi networks with a name was something like "Surveillance Van 4".


Omg, I almost spit out my coffee on "Surveillance Van 4", brilliant!


Yesterday, it was "H4ck me if you can"; this morning it is "Challenge accepted" :o


ha ha that reminds me I have a random motd set up for my website, and one possible message is just "Loading..."


Used these all in the past, pretty classic. Didn't make them up.

  • Pretty Fly for A Wifi
  • The Promised LAN
  • Drop It like it Hotspot
  • House LANister
  • The Ping of the North
  • Dunder MiffLAN

All the classics :)

What are you using now?


a play on skyNET using my last name - romanoNET.


My girlfriend loves Lord of the Rings. So our WiFi name is Routers of Rohan and the password is a twist on Gandalf's line when Balrog wants to cross the bridge :)


Mine is Our Wifi. So if I have a guest and tell them, "Just connect to Our Wifi," there is always that moment where the start asking what it's called, just before they get it.


for that same reason I often set my password to "password: 1111", the people only type "1111" until they eventually get it


I wondered when the Dad Jokes would kick off and here we are. A++


Gebze Emniyet Müdürlüğü in Turkish.

In English, "Gebze Police Department". My neighbors don't want to connect my wifi.


After 5 years, time to get some use out of this list

  • FBI Surveillance Van
  • Pretty Fly for a Wifi
  • Abraham Linksys
  • Get off my WLAN
  • WutangLAN
  • Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wifi
  • Drop it like it's hotspot
  • It Hertz When IP
  • The Promised LAN
  • The LAN before time
  • Friendly Neighborhood SpiderLAN
  • Skynet Global Defense Network
  • Loading...
  • Series of Tubes
  • RCMP Surveillance Horse
  • Go Go Gadget Internet
  • Such Wireless Very LAN So Wifi
  • Ermahgerd Hertspert

I’m impressed some of those have stood the test of time!

Pretty fly for a wifi seems to be a classic for all time.


After reading an eye-opening article that randomly popped up in my Google Discover feed, I've changed my 5 and 2.4 GHz networks to "💩" and "🐖" respectively. Very easy to find in the list and also is displayed as a set of symbols for old hardware / OS users as a bonus!


The only article I remember reading about that stuff was that video on "hacking" HTML interfaces for WiFi network selection by naming your network <script>alert('foo');, etc.


Currently: Cthulhu fntagn

When we first moved into our street, there was a dog that kept barking. So I called our WiFi was called: The yap yap dog makes me sad.

nothing like pasag WiFi names ;)


Did the dog owner quiet down the dog? That would ruin the passive aggressive name though ...


In the end the dog owner moved away... it (the wifi name not the dog) did cause amusement in the street for a while. 😂


The Wifi in my university is Wireless PKU, and I could not help but bursting into laughter when one day I saw a Wifi called Wifeless THU.


The two universities are the top 2 universities in China, and they are very close. However, THU has a much higher male:female ratio than PKU.


Oooooh I had to read that back a second time to catch the joke. Love it 🤣


Feel Free,
but use a creative password to this. Our old was realpainintheass

New one is more offensive ;)


2.4ghz network is Galaxy News Radio 📻 (fun game: find all the devices that don't recognize emoji unicode)

5ghz network is Radio New Vegas

Passwords for both are similarly themed. I may have a favorite video game series haha


Also, the way I got around needing to explain it to guests was to print a QR code that will actually set it, password included, in your device's settings when scanned.


Sure optimistic for seeing past and (possible) future. But I think it as node/orb to connect other nodes :)


lol I set someone else's up with that name. The other one is Khazad-dum.


All my home infra is named after "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series, so I have two:

  • "Infinite Improbability Drive" (2.4)
  • "Bowl of Petunias" (5)

My hosts also have related names (my web server is "Marvin.")


Haha I love the web server named Marvin. Does he behave like a Marvin?


He's generally a little more social than his namesake. 😂

I got a Ubiquiti router last year that's named "Thursday" - that way I can finally get the hang of a Thursday!


Mine's called Cat-Fi. Since most of my family are cat lovers, nobody asks which network to connect to. I need to set a new password though because nobody knows what camel-case means and it always ends up with me spelling or even entering the password on their devices.


Oh man... that sounds painful, but a very enthusiastic two thumbs up for cat-fi



My home router is using HEIMDAL for wifi name, while my cellphones uses SÄPO (Swedish security service) and FBI when I share the net, I think that my 4g modem is called LOLERSKATES or something, but can't really remember....

Very very professional names!


“Hey you kids, get off my LAN” and “The LAN before time”


Wow, the LAN before time. That’s a blast from the past


Damn, I'm feeling super lame with my own personal KittyCity now... 😸

So none that I can think of are any more awesome than what's already been shared, but two that are nearby my place right now: Shrute_Farms and ISeeYou.

Oh, router humor... it seems you've tapped into something pretty universal here! 😀


I’ve been impressed at how many responses have come in in such a short time from all over.

Definitely a universal way to entertain yourself :)


think emoji | orange | two hands and a pleased face emoji (that's my hotspot's name)


How do you describe that one to friends who ask for it?

Must be easy to spot in the list though!


.Trojan Virus Wifi
.Buy one Drink (That's for a bar a visited lately)
.Wifi Scammer


Haha the ‘buy one drink’ one makes me think of ‘no free wifi talk to each other’ one I saw recently


Our WiFi names always are game-related! My brother and I are the ones who manage these things in our house, so that's our little joke! We name them after Pokémon regions. Our first was Johto, and the two we currently have are Kanto and Hoenn. Before we moved, they were Zelda related (Hyrule and Termina).


In college, I set mine to FBI Surveillance Network just to freak people out. I doubt it did though.


Unfortunately, no. It's named after two of my cats "SaraAndBaby" and the password is related to my Third Cat Chief

Pictured (From Front to Back): Sara, Chief, & Baby Kitty


My wi-fi at home is “Werewolf Cheeseburgers.” One funny name I remember seeing is “Install Virus.exe”


‘Werewolf cheeseburgers’ sounds like a great band name ... so does ‘install virus exe’ come to think of it


Yeah, they both would be fun. I could see a band named Werewolf Cheeseburgers having great t-shirts.

Sounds like a plan! If only I had any kind of musical ability

Haha. I can play drums. If only I had more time. :)


I have made my WiFi's name Searching for WiFi networks... so it looks like it isn't actually a WiFi network itself. It's super annoying when it isn't on top though :/


All my computers are named after X-Men characters. So my WiFi is called TheDangerRoom.


My main wifi network is busybee

I also have two guest networks (one 2.4GHz, one 5GHz), ✨👁〰️👁✨ and 💜 ◉ω◉ whats this 💜

(Yes, really)


That’s the most creative one I’ve seen :)

I feel so out of the loop not knowing about being able to use emojis 🙃


Tirith and Osgaliath.

Guess which one is 802.11ac 5GHz and which one is the older 802.11n 2.4GHz?


A friend on Slack shared this with me one day 🙂





I had no idea you could use an emoji before learning about it in this post


Also, a friend of the family has his called IP When I Sneeze. That may be too honest, but it made me giggle.


My previous one was Sassafras.

When I upgrade routers I called the 2.4GHz 'LadenSwallow' and the 5GHz 'UnladenSwallow'...yes...this is a Holy Grail reference _^


I have not been particularly creative with naming my wifi, but I can tell you my physician's wifi is named "Join_For_Free_Virus". His aim apparently is to keep the casual offender out.


My own has a bit of a history:

Chapter One: Guardians and Invaders
I lived with a flatmate whose network was called "Guardians of Asgard". But what are guardians without an opposing force? So, I named my network "Invaders of Asgard".

Chapter Two: Only Invaders
The flatmate moved out. Well, if one side disappeared, the other side has obviously won the battle. So, I renamed my network "Occupiers of Asgard".

Chapter Three: Rewriting History
The victors write history. So, after an extended period of occupying the territory - and of course some mingling with the native population - the occupiers came to be known as the "Saviors of Asgard".

Chapter Four: New Territory
I moved. So, I couldn't keep the same name of course. There was a logical new name. Clearly, we had established "New Asgard".

Chapter Five: ???
I sort of feel like it's about time to change the SSID again. But I don't know where I'm going to go with this...

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