Which game are you playing right now?

Helen Anderson on March 02, 2019

Welcome to the weekend and the opportunity for downtime. I'm not a huge gamer but I really enjoy Tapped Out. Mostly because I'm a Simpsons ... [Read Full]
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Which game are you playing right now?

Factorio! The new experimental version (0.17) was just released. It's a game about building a factory and automating everything. Feels a lot like coding! It's a really addictive game, so be careful!

Do you have any favourites from your childhood that you reminisce about?

I grew up playing many games, but Pokémon and the original Spyro trilogy are probably the ones that I remember the most dearly.

Do you ever revisit those games for nostalgia's sake?

I do, but every time I feel like I overwrite some of those old memories with new ones and a bit of nostalgia is lost in the process.


Haha, I just left a comment about Factorio - I should have know to check the comments first. Such a great game, perfect for programmers!


I'm about to pick Factorio up again. So excited for the new experimental.


Factorio is a recurring addiction. Always needs to handled with care!

I was also lured into the 0.17 trap. ;-)


Factorio is a recurring addiction. Always needs to handled with care!

I was also lured into the 0.17 trap. ;-)


Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

Funny enough this is my favorite game from my childhood and I still love it.

I sometimes still get a hint of nostalgia playing it. Especially when playing against friends. It has a way of bringing people closer together.


Super Smash Bros. never gets old!

Love getting together with friends to play multiple versions of the game. Super Smash Bros. Melee is still my favorite!


Those spirit battles are so detailed to fit their source material that it kicks in the nostalgia every single fight


Same here - a firm favourite from my youth, and now I get to enjoy it with my own children :)


This is the only game I play right now because I can play it in 3-minute bites as pomodoro pauses LOL


I'm already expecting that most of the comments here would be about Apex Legends.

If I only had the time to play video games, that would be great. I really missed playing NBA 2K and the Assassin's Creed series.


My console gaming ended at university with Need for Speed Underground and Tekken 5 when I should have been studying. I'm not sure where I'd find the time to commit to them now either.


I'm guessing that your first console was a PS2? Those were good times, my friend. Games were much simpler back then. I remember how an 8 MB memory card was enough to store all of your save files in the PS2.

Not quite ...

and I am really showing my age here ... my first console was a Sega Master System that I was given for Christmas, but feel like it was more for my Dad :)

Game cartridges had to be bought in person, not downloaded, and Sonic the Hedgehog bounced along platforms in 2D.

Our first family computer was almost exclusively used for games like Rebel Assault, Kings Quest V and Doom

Dang, those games are indeed old. It's amazing to see how far technology has come. Comparing Doom to modern FPS titles is astonishing.

Looking back it probably wasn't particularly age appropriate but there ya go :)

Doom is such a classic now.

My first console was a sega master system too. But before that I had a Sony HB-10 (MSX1). I still play some of them in emus, the MSX is in the closet collecting dust.


I just started my first campaign of Ironsworn. Ironsworn is a tabletop roleplaying game. What makes it special is, that it has rules for solo-play. So it is lke playing out a personal movie or reading other people's diaries.

The setting takes place on the big fictional Island of Ironland - which resembles something like Iceland. How you detail the world is up to you. The ruleset gives you good advice on how to create a good fiction that works.

My fictional me is Elstan a warrior whose main job is to protect his village from intruders and wild beasts. He is a warrior like his father.
And he bears a dark secret: As a kid he has seen his father slaying the clan leader of the village in the woods. He can't remember the exact circumstances - he was 8 years old at the time - but there was afterwards a big fight in the village and up to date, Elstan has never told of the guilt which is on him, knowing the murder of the clan leader and effectively protecting his father from law enforcement; instead he always tried to be overly loyal to the actual clan leader to compensate for that.

The interesting part of solo play is to write everything down: actions, decisions, thoughts etc. Everything which makes a nice story.


That's nice. While I do play games with my wife and friends, I like ones that have solo play modes (like the Arkham Horror LCG, Tiny Epic Zombies etc). I'll check out Irownsworn, thanks!


Ironsworn has several playmodes:

  • Solo
  • Coop without GM
  • Typical RPG with game master

Any opinions about XCOM TBG? I found it on sale but I'm not sure, none of my friends like it. But I'm tempted and I love X-COM on the PC.

Well, I ended up buying it. I played it twice so far. It's fun, but the first time we ended playing 4hs because we didn't use the timer. With the timer, it's much more intense. I want to play it again.

I ordered Dune, so I'll try that next week.

Thanks for the feedback! Curious about Dune too, but alas lately I never seem to find time for board games.


Today I learned table top games have solo Mode thanks!


Check out Fantasy Flight Games, quite a few of their games have solo modes.


At the moment I mostly play Stellaris but it's a time sink beyond belief. As a kid I played mario and zelda but when I got older games like fallout and baldurs gate took over. I still play fallout 2 some times.


I'm just starting to get into Stellaris! Super fun. Did you ever play Sins of a Solar Empire?


Yes that was a great game. Perhaps I should give it another go it has been a long time.


Which game are you playing right now?

Moonlighter! It's like a love letter to Recettear. I need this to become a genre. You go into dungeons to get loot, but instead of selling it to a shop, you put it on display in your shop and sell to the masses. You can also decorate the shop and have showcases to charge a bit extra for fancy stuff. I recommend the Switch version over the Steam version.

Otherwise, Fallout 76 and Guild Wars 2.

Do you have any favourites from your childhood that you reminisce about?

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars. I think it solidified my single player gaming life. Puzzles! Equipment! Stats! Mario, Peach, and Bowser fighting side by side! A marshmallow that thinks he's a frog! A doll that came to life! Peach's grandma dressing up as her so she can sneak out the window to go on an adventure! So much awesome.

Do you ever revisit those games for nostalgia's sake?

I bought a SNES Classic for it and had it on the Wii Shop :) I sold my SNES years ago because of how bulky it was and I moved too much, but replaying it on SNES Classic is so good.

Also, not childhood, but I will talk about Fallout New Vegas all day every day


I've been considering Moonlighter for a little while, and you just sold me on it. Comparing it to Recettear is high praise in my book!


I'm glad to hear someone else understands how fantastic Recettear is! Moonlighter's pricing took a bit of getting used to, and I've encountered some very annoying bugs, but overall I like the feel of it and the story.

Example on pricing:

Recettear: Go into a dungeon, get an awesome widget, go to the store, it's popular, mark price at like +100% base price to make a good profit

Moonlighter: Go into a dungeon, get an awesome widget, go to the store, it's popular, mark price at WHATEVER because all prices start at zero until you see they work and then they propagate, hope to not alienate customers. There's a merchant notebook in the inventory menu that fills out as you learn customer reactions to prices, and it sorts items by price, so you can do a bit of finagling with that. I just found a price guide on the Steam Community, but I know some people love finding that sweet spot.

Moonlighted added to my switch wishlist. Too many other games right now (good thing)!


I have been playing Overwatch the most lately (if anyone wants to add me and play on PC, my battle tag is Olorii#1622), but I've also slowly been working my way through Doom Remastered.


Oooo Doom Remastered, how are you enjoying it?


It's a lot of fun, and pretty brutal! I love smashing and exploding demons haha
I never played the original, so I can't compare it to that, but I've enjoyed it thoroughly. It's become my "I woke up at 2:30 and can't sleep" game.

The original was one of the first games I played. Exploding demons is by far the best part ... closely followed by facial expressions.


Hahaha!!! No facial expressions in this one, they kept it first person. But he's very brutish and smashes everything, which I can relate to some days.


Currently playing through the original Mass Effect trilogy - just reached the quarian missions on ME3. Playing as a Vanguard is one of the best gaming experiences you can have.

Also currently have games of South Park: The Stick of Truth and Spiderman (fave game of 2018) on the go.


I love puzzle games. My all-time favorites are Portal 1 and 2, but I also really enjoyed Infinifactory, SpaceChem and Opus Magnum. All of these latter ones are games where you're constructing a machine to assemble parts in a specific pattern. I love the spatial reasoning they require.

I also love the rollercoaster tycoon games, and if I ever get to the point where I can reasonably afford to get a gaming PC, I want to get planet coaster.

I also recently dusted off my old generation XBOX, and I've been playing a lot of Tony Hawk's Underground 2, Worms Mayham, and XIII (It's one of the only shooters I'm good at, because the bright colors and big contrasts often make enemies easy to spot.


Try Q.U.B.E if you haven't played it yet. It has a portal feel. I think it Epic was giving it for free a few days ago.


What game are you playing right now?

Trying to find an extra hour to play League of Legends every day! I can't grind that much like I used to 4 years ago, but hey, I'm still floating around Platinum and that's still pretty good early into the season.

Do you have any favourites from your childhood that you reminisce about?

Pokemon RGB/Y essentially taught me English, so there's that! Aside from that, I've always been fond of FamiCom games (not sure if it's NES or SNES internationally). Contra, Adventure Island, Double Dragon, Shufflepuck Cafe etc. There's tons of games with almost infinite replayability!

I did have a short period where I played some PlayStation 2, but my gaming transition was mostly FamiCom -> Gameboy/Gameboy Color -> PC.

Do you ever revisit those games for nostalgia's sake?

I tried to, but sadly the magic is gone unlike when I was a little kid. The game soundtrack though will always capture that essence :)


I've been playing a lot of Overwatch the past couple of years! I don't usually play with friends because all of them play in console and there is no cross-platform support :( It is fun still. If you're looking someone to play with here is my Battle tag: MEXshredder#2830

I tried Apex Legends recently, but same thing, no cross-platform support so don't have anyone to play with and, at least for me, that's a game somehow boring when solo queueing.

Past december I tried Into the Breach and wow, it's a really good game! It's a turn-based strategy game that you play in a small grid. The mechanics are really interesting and even though the game is short, it has a lot of replayability ♻️

Right now I'm considering Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I tried the past game of the series and it was amazing! This one has great reviews too.

Lastly, I convinced a friend to buy Age of Empires II HD and we play from time to time just to remind us of our college time.


I'm currently two chapters into The Descendant, and I play Fortnite when I have spare chunks of 30 minutes. Don't mock me.

I grew up with things like Space Invaders (because old). I revisit everything all the time for nostalgia's sake. I run emulated TRS-80 games, I replay adventures like Baldur's Gate or Eye of the Beholder fairly often and I spent last Christmas working my way through the Lost Treasures of Infocom collection of text adventures.


No judgement here :)

I'm using an emulator to play Sonic the Hedgehog because platform games are my favourite.


The From Software game. [Choose One!]
The Messenger
Any Metroidvania Genre Game
and Sekiro when it comes out


I'm really wondering why I just see PUBG mentioned once here in the comments 😮


And PUBG Mobile is mentioned 3 times at the time I write this comment. I'm a big fan of PUBG since it came out and have never given up on it. But I only play it at weekend if I can make time for it.


I just finished playing Witcher 3. I enjoy story-rich games, ones that make me miss the characters after the game is over, and Witcher 3 is definitely that.


Unreal Tournament... So I'm already satisfying my need for a little nostalgia :D

When I was a kid I think my favourite game was always Chaos on the ZX Spectrum (nowadays the whole system can run in a JS-based emulator so you can play it online). I'm old enough to remember playing Binatone pong on a TV; so people can quit with the "I feel old" when someone mentions games from the 90s :)

Other retro PC recommendations:

  • UFO: enemy unknown
  • Quake
  • Sentinel Returns
  • Half-Life 1
  • Worms Armageddon

On console:

  • Ico (PS2)
  • Shadow of the colossus (PS2)
  • Rez (PS2)
  • Pilotwings (N64)
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64)
  • pretty much any of the Zelda games :)

Was playing Lufia 2 today (speaking of childhood favorites).

My current list also includes Chrono Cross, Kingdom Hearts 2 (slowly making my way through the series), Etrian Odyssey 5, Undertale, and Baldur's Gate.

Been an avid gamer since I was a kid playing on the NES and Commodore 64. Now I'm raising 3 boys to be gamers. 😁 Which is also why I have so many games on rotation - if any of them or my wife are using the TV, I can jump on a handheld or my desktop.

As for revisiting games - frequently. If I had to guess, about 25% of the games I play in any given year are retro (especially NES and SNES).


Damn, thanks for the reminder, I forgot about Lufia. Lufia 2 is amazing,


OpenTTD - all time favorite. Open source version of excellent game - Transport Tycoon Deluxe (there is open rollercoaster tycoon 2 for those who like building amusement parks)
Factorio - Overall very fun to watch and play game
Teamfight Tactics - Autochess genre is pretty fun
Long time ago, CS1.6 - KZ maps, where you jump :)


Minecraft is my typical go-to, specifically vanilla snapshot. I've been working on the same map project in multiplayer since 2013, using the first world I ever spawned in Minecraft - it's an entire country, with a working economy and overworld portal system. Somehow, redstone and command block illusionism just relaxes me after a long day. On occasion, I'll play a survival world, or hop onto the one multiplayer server I'm part of (besides my own).

Although, if I'm honest, I usually default to reading or fiction writing.


I'm reliving my youth... With classic NES games on the Switch... Some of them I had never played!


And now someone on the Internet has published all the cheat codes for you when you get stuck 🙃


I'm currently playing a lot of Star Wars Galaxies. It's an MMORPG that died in 2011, kept alive by the sheer love of its community. Great game.

On and off I play these games with friends:

  • Rocket League
  • Apex Legends
  • Ring of Elysium
  • CS:GO

There's Apex Legends again ... just like Some Dood predicted in the first post


I personally don't get the hype. It's probably the best battle royale game for console, but certainly not for PC.

I'll stick to the city builders, Sonic the Hedgehog and occasionally Doom :)


I’m currently playing The Outer Worlds. Great game!

Do you have any favourites from your childhood that you reminisce about?

Yes. Tomba! I used to play it on Play Station. These days a copy of that game is hundreds of dollars so I can’t easily revisit it 😔

I do like to revisit Skyrim or Odd World Abe’s Odyssey from time to time.


I'm playing "Into the Breach". It's good turn-based game that makes you think a lot! It's that kind of game that you love and hate at same time.

And, when the squad is online. I play League of legends :)


Rocket League

It's soccer with rocket cars. What makes it great is that it's fun at any skill level but has a nearly infinite skill ceiling. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.


When I find the time, I'm playing The Talos Principle which is fiendishly good and stretches the old brain with some really cool puzzles. And if I need to let off steam, then Battlefield 1 is the what the doctor ordered.

I should really get around to finishing The Witcher 3 which I've been playing on and off for what feels like (and probably literally is) years.


Right now playing Clash Royale (I've been playing the last 2 years), and some Rocket League.
I'm a pre-console boy, I used to play a lot of arcades in my childhood, so, for nostalgia's sake I have MAME installed in my PC with my favorites games (Tiger Heli, 1943, Kung Fu Master ...) with an arcade-like joystick.


Just completed my first run of Celeste. Loved it! But I need to let it cool for a bit before trying the B sides.

I think I'll pick up Into The Breach again. I still have one island to unlock.


Loved celeste. One of my favorites of all time!


I feel like the last person still playing the oldest Unreal Tournament. But hey, I'm having fun.


I'm playing Xenoblade 2 when I'm not playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Any RPG suggestions? :)


Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition! Great RPG


Thanks! I'll pick it up if I see on the local store. :D


I love survivor horrors. I used to play a lot with Resident Evil 1, 2 and all the Silent Hills made by Akira Yamaoka. I also played a lot with Return to Castle Wolfenstein online.

I'm a big fan of Mortal Kombat too.

I don't play video games at all lately. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, it's just my opinion but for me, it's a waste of time. But I always watch the trailers about the next Mortal Kombat for nostalgia's sake. :) I've always been obsessed with the story and the characters. I don't know why.


Lisa my wife is a huge Simpsons fan. I remember when this game came out I had her try to play it but it didn't hold her interest.

We just subscribed to Disney Plus and she was quite happy to see they had all the Simpsons seasons. Should be noted we're selective and rarely watching anything past season 8.

I like games which feel like I'm doing productive work. So SimCity was something I played considerably. I was at one point working on my own simulation game where you create your own grocery store and had to optimize prices, lane designs, foot traffic, hours, parking and checkout.


my dream of being a gamer was taken away after collage. Huh, all friends are taking care of babies now so nobody cares about the tiny survival cave in minecraft, or the massive alien worms outside of the factorio. I miss the fun time.


I play league of legends, and sometime got invited to play pubg mobile with friends. I really miss playing cadillacs and dinosaurs, and the king of fighter series.


Which game are you playing right now?
Currently playing Horizon Zero Dawn on ps4

Do you have any favorites from your childhood that you reminisce about?
Super Mario Bros was my favorite game in childhood, actually till now it's one of my favorites
Do you ever revisit those games for nostalgia's sake?
yes i do


I m currently replaying wow wrath of the lich king in a private server. This is my fifth time revisiting the setting and leveling up again😋.

Most nostalgic game and particular version that I play every two years again is Pokémon crystal. So many things to do, so many features. From defeating both maps,breeding and cross breeding your Pokémon defeating the high level hidden boss, ten lvls of super hard battle tower...man I can talk about it for pages to go. This Pokémon version had so many things that even later versions didn't and still don't have that it's amazing. Fullest Pokémon experience, and one of the greatest game boy games for me.

Also needs huge research to conquer the battle tower in every lvl, you need to catch good Pokémon, breed them to get the best offspring with the best stats and moves and then train these children to the max by killing low lvl Pokemons to get the max experience values...

Needs commitment😅


Just finished Kingdom Rush: Vengeance on iOS. Currently playing Mario + Rabbids on the Switch, and Watch Dogs 2 on PS4.

Most games from my childhood that I liked were RPGs or Strategy/RTS based, so Starcraft, Star Command Deluxe, Arc the Lad, Final Fantasy Tactics.

However, the only game that I really go back and play is NCAA College Football 2014 on the PS3 -- the only reason I still have the console plugged in. =)


StarCraft 2 the only game i never get bored to play!


I find myself playing HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed quite a lot at the moment where you play as a toy solider and fight around a house and sometimes elsewhere against classic toys from your childhood like boglins and green army men.

My childhood was very much Dungeon Keeper, Settlers and Abe's Odyssey which i revisit from time to time and they are still very much old friends to me.


It's been all Overwatch for me for the past week. Got it on PS4 and I even installed Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro with Bootcamp the other day so I can play the PC version on that.

Childhood games I always reminisce about are Zelda OoT, Majora's Mask and Link's Awakening and gen 1 and 2 Pokemon. It's probably no surprise that I loved Let's Go Pikachu on Switch and can't wait for the Link's Awakening remake that was just announced.


I started out with Asteroids on Atari 😋

Moved onto Sega console games, then PlayStation, then PS2. Got into PC games for a bit.

It's been years since I've really played anything now 🤣

One fun memory is playing Sonic & Knuckles. If you pushed the cartridge in half-way (in a very specific way...) then the game would start with some crazy bonus levels!


I've been enjoying Dungeons 3 a good amount, coop with a friend. Also running through "A Way Out" with the same friend. I really enjoy Anthem too.

And always Overwatch, though saying I am enjoying it might be an overstatement. :/


im playing apex legends recently with my friends
but when im alone I'd like to play Story of seasons trio of towns on my 3ds

I love the sims 2 in ps2 the best the sims ever and very addictive

nope, not really its like I lost my interest in gaming


MechWarrior on the PC. Battletech and XCOM too as turn-based games let me just walk away to attend to my kid at the drop of a hat.


If you liked SimCity, then I recommend checking out Factorio.

You build a really big factory, with the powers of automation, logistics, and refactoring. :)


Thanks! That looks like an excellent use of my weekend ...


My Philosophy* Everyday learn new thing and PlayFiFa PlayCode. And because I don't have time to play video games, Only I play FIFA since childhood.


Agreed. Sometimes I don't know why I buy other games when I spend 90% of my downtime playing either MLB The Show (baseball) or FIFA. There's something so relaxing about losing yourself in a game of FIFA.


I'm actually going to not mention Diablo 3 on the Switch....too late.

But I'm well and truly wrapped up in Idling To Rule The Gods still. (646 hrs and counting)



Magic Arena, the new online version of the old card game Magic the gathering. Recommend if you are new playing magic, the mechanic of game helps to new players to understand the rules very easy.


I've wanted to get back into magic. Is magic arena free to play at first?


I keep coming back to Starbound. I love constructing buildings and environments in that game--very satisfying to see an idea come together.


Trying to get some projects done but around them I’m enjoying some Crackdown 3!! I think it helps that it’s a play anywhere title :)


Since I was working on my career project I hadn't much time to play, but I take breaks to play Paper Mario 64: Pro Mode (hackrom which makes the game difficult as hell).


Undertale! (Finally)

Pretty much all of them were awesome, N64, Playstation, Sega Genesis.

NO, I cannot handle the quirks of old video games.


Atm i'm trying to get better at geometry dash. My favorite games will always be the portal ones:)


Now: League of Legends :D
As a kid: Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time / Majoras Mask on my Nintendo64
Revisit: I did! Several times, with Nintendo64 emulator on PC!


I just finished another playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy. Even after all this time, it is still my favorite game out there.

There's no Shepard without Vakarian.


Guilty of playing Counter Strike: Source every once in a while.


As much as I love video games , when I get time ..it’s all about NHL for me.
Would love to play more variety but eh lol.


"Last Day on Earth". I kill a lotta of time with it.


dota 2 i gained alot of patience and self control from playing this lol


I tend to wait until Steam sales.

I've been finished up Dungeons 2 DLC. Also play a little Eternal Card Game. About to get back into Warframe I think.


I'm playing The Shadow Of The Tomb Raider as of now :D, and play CS:GO for fun.


playing game of thrones always liked civilization 2, Vampire Masquerade Redemption and the knight of the old republic 1 and 2 for old games


Stardew Valley and tempted to get Luigi's Mansion 3 or the Kingdom Hearts Remixes on PS4 but finishing Breath of the Wild before getting into another console game.


Oh man, I used to love city builders.
Right now I'm not playing much. Only ever get time to play some PUBG Mobile with my squad on weekends.


Colorify It's a simple browser game for two players. You need to collect colorful tiles and reach more than half of available to beat your opponent.

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