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SQL & Database Wrap Up - November 2020

helenanders26 profile image Helen Anderson ・2 min read

Hi! I'm Helen, one of your friendly mods looking after the #sql, #postgres, #mysql, and #database tags.

At the end of each month, I'll be showcasing some of the great posts, projects, and insights from the data community.

To kick off the wrap up this month Margo gives a comparison of MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and HarperDB. The point of this article is not to determine which database is the best but to help uncover the factors to consider when selecting a database for your specific project.

Next up Matt shows that with the right tools and workflow SQL and databases can be fun when working on software projects. Have a read to find out if there is a new tool that might make your next project more streamlined.

In a #discuss post Waylon challenges us to think about interview questions that distinguish between someone who knows their stuff, is willing to learn, and adopt good practice along the way.

Next, we have Jason and a post on GraphQL v REST. If you're interested in how GraphQL's data fetching works check out the post for more.

The next post is a sneak peek into a whole week of Data events. Check it out for a look at the events, day by day. Each day is unique and exciting and designed for you to skill up and grow in your career. Thanks Adi!

Katie then brings analytics into the conversation with a post on writing SQL in Slack. Because everyone needs a reason to spend more time chatting in Slack, right?

To finish up the wrap up Ido unlocks a new set of features for your next SQL query. Have a read and leave your thoughts in the comments.

That's all for this month! For more from the Data Community check out the #sql, #postgres, #mysql, and #database tags, and follow @TheDatabaseDev on Twitter.

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Ido Shamun

Wow, Helen! Thanks for sharing my article ☺️

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Helen Anderson Author

It was great! Can't wait to read more from you :D