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SQL & database monthly wrap up - May 2021

Helen Anderson
Data wrangler at Kiwibank, AWS Data Hero, and tag moderator on
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Hi! I'm Helen, one of your friendly mods looking after the #sql, #postgres, #mysql, and #database tags.

At the end of each month, I'll be showcasing some of the great posts, projects, and insights from the data community.

To get us started we have Josh with a performance optimisation story and the journey to understand the cause of a performance hit. There is a lot to be learned by being willing to dig into a problem, even if you can only understand it a little bit at a time.

SeattleDataguy returns to the wrapup with 'Software Engineer Vs Data Engineer - Which Position Is Right For You?' The duties of data engineers and software engineers overlap, especially in smaller companies. But there are tangible differences between the two. Check out the post for more.

Moving on to Willian and an introduction to the different types of data models we can use beyond relational and the document based.

This next post by Evan explores the historical reasons for the 191 character limit as a default in most relational databases.

Next, we have InHuOfficial with analysis into the top contributors on Stack Overflow and the query that allows you to grab all of the questions, answers and comments on a given tag, ranked by number of answers given.

Our last post is the MongoDB team with their MongoDB $weeklyUpdates.

Here Adrienne has curated tutorials, upcoming official MongoDB events, Twitch streams, and podcasts.

That's all for this month! For more from the data community check out the #sql, #postgres, #mysql, and #database tags, and follow @TheDatabaseDev on Twitter.

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leob • Edited

This is cool, are there other moderators on who are monitoring similar such tags (communities?) and creating these great summaries?

First time I've come across something like this ... the volume of posts on is now so gargantuan that it's impossible to keep up, and very hard to see the forest for the trees - "meta" work like this has become very valuable as a result.

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Helen Anderson Author

Thanks for the nice feedback, I really enjoy putting these together.

I also write the same kind of wrap up for AWS if you're interested:

and have started a 'classic posts' collection for both SQL and AWS to highlight some of those posts from the past that are still great resources:

If C++ is more your thing Sandor writes a monthly post:

I'd also recommend following the Dev team for their top posts of the week:

leob profile image

The only one I knew already was "The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week" :)

And I see that all the others can be queried via the '#bestofdev' tag - useful !

( '#bestofdev' also gives me "Best of Flutter", "Top DEV comments" and a bunch of others - but not "The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts", haha)

Well this "meta" stuff is useful, given the avalanche of posts on nowadays ... thanks and keep up the good work!

inhuofficial profile image

Not a list I thought I would ever appear on, I am rubbish at SQL! 🤣

Thanks a lot for the shout out. I am off to read the other articles on this list (and get confused) now! ❤

helenanders26 profile image
Helen Anderson Author

I really enjoyed your post and analysis! Such a great example of using data to answer real world questions.